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by slim thug and fat cuba

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

— Dr. Seuss



by staff

We made a sweet little playlist and talked shop about QC’s Magic Wedding with BreakThru Radio last week. Listen to the show HERE, and enjoy some sweet tracks from Swimming In Speakers, Twin Sister, Bullion, tUnE-yArDs, and many more..


by mary

Pic on the cover’s backside is either a woman with no curves or a little girl in a striped bathing suit, with one hand in a masturbatory position… the other hand’s got a book with a cover pic of a bearded guy’s face where hers would be. Inside the case’s a pic of a curvier woman wearing the same striped one-piece, posing provocatively – this time you can see the face and that’s not a good thing, as it looks like Urkel in a poufy blonde wig. Front of the recent vinyl EP has a watercolor of two cougar-ish, swimsuited gals – neither has either hand in a masturbatory position. Unnatural Helper’s Myspace pic is hairy man-legs wearing high heels.

Artist: Unnatural Helpers
Song: Sunshine / Pretty Girls



by marissa bea (pic by tim)

Great music doesn’t come from big labels, it doesn’t come from endless studio sessions, great equipment, or from anything else that they tell you on the radio. Great music comes from people who have pure, endless passion. It comes from the people who have to struggle to book shows, rarely play to more than 20 people, and/or use their laptop as a recording studio. Some get worldwide recognition, some stay underground. They all make music that should be heard. Enjoy this week’s More Music.

Artist: No Steve
Song: Track 01



by max

Rules to Rock By is a new book by author and musician Josh Farrar for young adults about fictional teen band The Bungles who’s founder Annabelle Cabrera is inspired by the very real band Deerhoof (who also make a fictional cameo at the beginning of the book!). This incredible story encourages kids to pursue music, and is accompanied by an equally amazing soundtrack with contributions by talented teen and adult musicians. It includes a cover of Swedish band LiLiPUT’s track “Hitch Hike” by Deerhoof who were happy to participate and support kids in pursuing music. Other tracks off the soundtrack feature the book’s fictional band The Bungles, performing covers and original tracks by real teen band Blame the Patient, described by The New York Times as “effective miners of late-’80s and early-’90s indie rock with a ferocious lead guitarist, Hunter Lombard, and a kinetic lead singer, Sofie Kapur.”

Artist: Deerhoof
Song: Hitch Hike


vids and photos by kate maxwell

Merrill Garbus aka Tune-Yards played an inspired set on Friday night with her parents in attendance at Bowery Ballroom. Sharing the bill were Twin Sister, Zola Jesus, and headliner Xiu Xiu, but Tune-Yards clearly stole the show. Bassist Nate Brenner is the perfect compliment to Garbus’ voice which bellowed and soared throughout what just may be the top music set I’ve caught thus far in 2010. Check out more some video and pics from the evening courtesy of QC photag Kate Maxwell, after the jump..

Artist: Tune-Yards
Song: Safety




by molly sha

This has to be one of the more ingenious marketing angles I’ve seen in a while, mainly because it came from a fake David Byrne email address. Fake David Byrne doesn’t have horrible taste. Although a bit too reminiscent of Animal Collective, Hidden Colors offer up some soothing and melodic sounds which you can check out here. I’m personally tired of this Oates cover epidemic but there’s a link to the event below as well:

Artist: Hidden Colors
Song: 2/4/6


Hey Molly -

Big fan of the blog – and thank you for introducing me to Shark? Have you heard about this John Oates cover party coming up in NYC at the Canal Room. Shark? is listed to play there – each band is apparently playing a Hall & Oates cover – sounds pretty awesome. Anyways, I was checking out the other bands playing and there’s this one called Hidden Colors which I checked out on band camp and absolutely loved….sounds like something you guys would like as well….anyways – give it a listen if you have a moment -

just spreading the word

thanks again for the quality posts and music recommendations



by kevin diamond

Next year, I’m training for at least two weeks before I get to SXSW. It’s been an exhausting week and it’s only been two days. Lots of standing around, lots of drinking in the hot sun, lots of walking back and forth between venues. It’s been a blast, but it’s also been draining.

Artist: Sleigh Bells
Song: Crown On The Ground

Was fortunate to see our good friends Sleigh Bells rock the NPR showcase at The Parish. The played at least one new song and a new version of “At The Beach.” They were sounding great in spite of a couple of Software malfunctions that had them re-starting a couple tunes.



by kevin diamond

It was easy to pick a highlight from the first day of the South By South West festival here in Austin; I’d be surprised if it didn’t end up being the highlight of my entire week. It was getting a raspberry blown on my belly by Pink Eyes of Fucked Up. They played a quick but stellar set at Emo’s, capping off a Brooklyn Vegan showcase that, surprise surprise, did NOT include GZA, who canceled at the last minute, but DID include Titus Andronicus playing songs from their fabulous new album The Monitor, as well as short sets by Japandroids and The Morning Benders.

Artist: Titus Andronicus
Song: A More Perfect Union
Artist: Jeff The Brotherhood
Song: Heavy Krishna



by chuck bell

Since the inception of Quiet Color’s Dead Bands column, we have seen a few groups come back to life, including Sunny Day Real Estate and Jawbox. However, it was only a matter of time before an active band died on our watch. These Arms Are Snakes are the first of the recently deceased, having broken up just two months ago. Originally formed in 2002, TAAS rose from the ashes of three of Seattle’s most prevalent hardcore bands – Botch, nineironspitfire and Kill Sadie. The core members of the group, bassist Brian Cook (ex-Botch), guitarist Ryan Frederiksen (ex-nineironspitfire) and vocalist Steve Snere (ex-Kill Sadie) teamed up with producer Matt Bayles to record their first EP, This Is Meant to Hurt You, in 2003. With Joe Preston on drums and Jesse Robertson on keys, TAAS debuted their signature sound, melding post-hardcore with math rock, while still maintaining the intensity of their previous bands. Following the EP’s release, they embarked on their first tour with longtime friends, The Blood Brothers.

Artist: These Arms Are Snakes
Song: Horse Girl