by ryan s.

A few months ago I met a fascinating young woman in the back room of the Bjork Above the Auto Parts show and was lucky enough to maintain contact. I’ve had the chance to view her evolving art pieces and wanted to share them, along with her explanation of the creative process. [She overlays photos and pencil drawings on vellum before retouching.] I find her work and thought process to be extremely intelligent and inspiring. I’m hopeful you’ll feel the same. After the jump are the words I received from the talented Jeanee Hammett. Which reminds me that it always pays to talk to strangers.



Photos by  Steven Alsedek and Andre Salyer

It was a strange and wild drunken night on 5/21 for QC’s Magic Wedding. Carnivores surprised us with a version of “Shout” with Dinosaur Feathers frontman Greg joining in on vocals. Magicians pulled lights and chains from their throats. Swimming In Speakers brought everyone in and Project Jenny Project Jan rocked everyone out. Here’s a glimpse of the night through two photographers’ lenses…

Artist: Kate Miller-Heidke
Song: Politics In Space



by angelo grillas

I had the opportunity to see the beautiful Finnish filmmaker, photographer, and video artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s exhibition INT. STAGE-DAY at the DHC (Art Foundation for Contemporary Art) in Old Montreal.

Artist: Team Canada
Song: Grindin My Way



by greg dybec

For many of us New Yorkers, our ever-expanding, forever changing, perpetually intriguing city is something we have become accustomed to. Not that we don’t appreciate our fascinating confines, though it may be safe to say that we don’t all keep an eye out for wonderment when commuting to work or running errands. New York’s own Eric Drooker is a painter, illustrator, and graphic novelist who particularly enjoys taking his NYC surroundings and transforming them into scenes of beauty and mayhem that always seem to capture the cities essence. Whether it is a jungle outside of a subway stop, a skyline made of books, or business men roaming the city on stilts, Drooker has not forgotten the endless inspiration that New York has stockpiled around every corner and across every avenue.

Artist: BLK JKS
Song: ZOL!




by pacific ocean

A special art installation is making its way across the country with a stop at the Brooklyn Art Library on March 6th. The exhibition was originally scheduled for tonight but postponed due to some more over-hyped snow in the Northeast. Sketch books were sent out by request to individuals around the world, who filled them with their renderings and sent them back to be editions in a traveling library

Artist: The Books ft. Jose Gonzalez
Song: Cello Song (Nick Drake cover)

“Books were meant to be touched. The exhibitions will be treated “library-style,” complete with library cards for each visitor who can check books out and view them while in the galleries. There are no frames hanging on a wall. This is a purely tactile experience.” Get more info, including tour dates at The Sketchbook Project website.


photos by andre salyer and marc evan

Here’s one last look back at the party that was. Amidst the fire breathers and acrobats: Javelin, The Shivers, Ava Luna, Dinowalrus, and Shark? rocked Quiet Color’s Sloppy Circus last Saturday for what turned out to be an epic Brooklyn evening. Check out a photo diary of the night by two esteemed QC photographers, after the jump.

Artist: Surfer Blood
Song: Swim (Alpaca Remix)



by Marina Garcia-Vasquez

[Editor's Note: Quiet Color is extremely pleased to have Marina Garcia-Vasquez reporting on Art Basel from Miami. More of her work can be found on her website Pairs of Chairs]

I was invited to the VIP show of the infamous NYC night theater The Box’s pop-installation for Art Basel at Nikki Beach. The whole scene outside was a mess, between the sponsor’s step-and-repeat complete with photographer, and the clash between New Yorkers and local Floridians. But once we got in we were handed bottles of Dos Equis and ushered in the direction of the stage. Since I frequent The Box at home in NYC, I was excited to see familiar faces and acts once the show started. The flier for the show kindly reads burlesque dancers, aerial acrobats, and fire-eaters, but once you see the sexy theatrics of the variety show with your very own eyes you know such descriptors are bland.



by Marina Garcia-Vasquez (pics by kevin sampson)

[Editor's Note: Quiet Color is extremely pleased to have Marina Garcia-Vasquez reporting on Art Basel from Miami. More of her work can be found on her website Pairs of Chairs]

Another night, another opening, another pair of heels. Thursday night I made it to Nike and Lance Armstrong’s STAGES. The global art exhibit was established by Armstrong to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer. All art within the show, by twenty plus artists, promotes “the human potential,” the key motivating motto for Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG campaign. The art is for sale and the proceeds go to the foundation. The event was top-notch with passed hor d’oeuvres and mojito cocktails, housed in the beautifully orchestrated raw space at 888 Biscayne Blvd. Lance Armstrong and Danger Mouse were in attendance, featured artist Shepard Fairey DJed, and Atlas Sound performed.

Artist: Atlas Sound w/ Noah Lennox
Song: Walkabout



by Marina Garcia-Vasquez

[Editor's Note: Quiet Color is extremely pleased to have Marina Garcia-Vasquez reporting on Art Basel from Miami. More of her work can be found on her website Pairs of Chairs]

Let’s be honest, I traveled to Miami to support my New York art friends. Art Basel and all the beloved art fairs and exhibits that cuddle South Beach, downtown, and Miami’s design district make the non-stop canoodling, gawking, and hob-knobbing worthwhile. My first stop was to congratulate sculptor friend Julia Chiang at the opening for It Ain’t Fair 2009, put on by Miami-based collective O.H.W.O.W.

Artist: Final Fantasy
Song: Lewis Takes Action



by dave sherman and leyla heckrotte