by pelly

Sometimes actions towards a future consequence are made on a fleeting whim or feeling, and then the potential outcome becomes reality. Such is the case with us at QC, as we will be headed down under to Australia for a stint of travel and musical experience. The journey begins tomorrow so we leave you with this (post)card temporarily while we regain our footing and internet access in a new part of earth. We’ll be back with more shows and video content soon, plus a new look site which we’ve been mumbling about for a few months now. We are but a simple, harmless blog but we like to keep whoever ‘kind of cares’ up to date. See ya’ soon :)

Artist: Lykke Li
Song: Get Some
Artist: Alex Nelson
Song: flying/falling
Artist: Public Enemy
Song: He Got Game


by leo

Shabazz Palaces (Ishmael of Diggable Planets) and Blockhead will be headlining the return of the Museum of Natural History’s space-age party series One Step Beyond presented by Fader next Friday October 15th. (Above you can view the video for the Shabazz Palaces track “Belhaven Meridian” shot on 35mm black & white film.) These parties are awesome and go down in The Rose Center for Earth and Space at the museum. Tickets go for $25 each, but you can earn a free pair through QC by answering the following question: If you were doing an ad-campaign for the entire history of the human race, who would you select as your spokesman? Send your responses to Best answer gets a pair of free tix to next Friday’s party.


by QC staff

Hi QC visitors, hope your minds are relatively chill. I feel this Summer has brought on some serious phases of transition in all aspects, from love and friendships to career choices. The same goes for QC, as we are but a few weeks away from launching a new and improved Quiet Color. As you may have noticed, we’ve slowed down our daily blog postings in anticipation of our new format: A bi-monthly web-release of original video content, editorials, and fresh music for your transitioned mind. We’ve got a brand new site design on the horizon that’s sure to delight, so stay patient and keep checking back to QC for the new digs. We’re especially excited for an exclusive D.I.Y. video podcast series we’ve produced featuring inspirational performances by Javelin, These Are Powers, Wildbirds and Peacedrums, and many others. We are hopeful you’ll like what we’ve been brewing. Stay tuned!

Artist: Major Lazer & La Roux
Song: Bulletproof (Nacey Remix)
Artist: Yellow Fever
Song: Bermuda Triangle


by laura

Northside Fest is around the corner and thankfully this year it’s not on the same weekend as Bonnaroo! That means QC we’ll be there to take in the sites and sounds of L Magazine’s awesome Willie B music festival that takes over the neighborhood from Thursday 6/24 – Sunday 6/27. Liars, Real Estate, Fucked Up, Twin Sister, Les Savy Fav, Waaves,  and The Fiery Furnaces are just a few of the bands in this years event, and you can see the full schedule here. You can win free  V.I.P. badges to this year’s Northside, or your very own iPad, by going to this link and entering your name, age, and gender. It’s well worth the five seconds. Northside should be the perfect ending to the stellar and music-filled month of June.

Artist: Twin Sister
Song: Lady Daydream




by carl

Another Memorial Day is here. That means great bbq, lots of baseball, but most importantly a day of remembrance for all our fallen soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Artist: Wolf Parade
Song: Soldier’s Grin
Artist: Explosions In The Sky
Song: Memorial


by staff

Your presence is cordially requested to witness the official union of Miss Katie Kristine Darling and David Randall Sherman. You may think you know the drill, you’ve been to weddings before, but we guarantee you’ll never be a part of one as magical as this. Live bands and magicians will entrance and engage you while love and refreshments abound! Your attendance makes you a member of the wedding PARTY, as we go all-out to send away the happy couple in truly sensational and jovial fashion.

Artist: PJPJ
Song: Cannon Dance



by ND McCray

Jahcoozi, Barefoot Wanderer (BPitch Control) | dubstep/electro/experimental

Berlin-based Jahcoozi’s Barefoot Wanderer is as eclectic as its members: Robot Koch, who does the beats, is from Berlin; Sasha Perera hails from London, she’s on vocals; and basslines are done by Oren Gerlitz from Tel Aviv. Overall, the album is a mix of basslines and moods reflecting dubstep, early dancehall, hip hop and electro…and yet still, I can’t categorize Jahcoozi. And I love that shit!

Artist: Jahcoozi
Song: Speckles Shine



by qc staff wants to marry you!

‘Quiet Color’s Magic Wedding’ will be taking place on May 21st at Monster Island and we’re looking for a sweet couple to be the bride and groom. Swimming In Speakers is making the trek from upstate NY, joining Project Jenny, Project Jan and Sunglasses for the ceremony, which will also include a slew of magicians to ensure things stay magical.

Artist: Born Ruffians
Song: Wedding Rings and Midnight Strollers

Quiet Color has garnered much press over the years due to amazing performances by buzzed-about bands and unconventional Brooklyn parties. Fortunately for all of us, one of our writers is a certified Reverend (non denominational) and is ready to marry you at our next show!!!! We’ll have special beverages for the bride and groom and of course your whole wedding party is invited!



by loki

New York 2010

Today, NORML launches a new advertisement for 4/20 on Times Square’s largest electronic billboard calling out New York City politicians and law enforcement for having one of the highest—and most racially disparate—cannabis arrest rates in the United States. The advertisement will run 18 times a day until late May, and will be seen by an expected 1.5 million Times Square visitors.

Artist: Timberland and Magoo
Song: Smoke In The Air

Vancouver 2009

On April 20, 2009, an estimated nearly 10,000 people gathered around the Vancouver Art Gallery to celebrate “420″. The police did not attempt to make arrests. This event has taken place in Vancouver annually for many years, and the police are generally tolerant of all marijuana use on April 20.

Boulder, CO every year since 2008

A large celebration is held every year on the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus, with attendance reaching more than 10,000 in 2008. It has been estimated that in 2009 the crowd surpassed the 10,000 attendee mark that was set in 2008. This would make CU Boulder’s celebration of the hopeful legalization of marijuana one of the largest such celebrations in the United States. University police have tried various methods to prevent the gathering, including photographing students participating in the event,  but the crowd has grown every year. The university and police have taken a more hands-off approach since 2006, emphasizing event safety over possession citations. Recent growth of the medical marijuana industry in Colorado is expected to add momentum to future events.


by neo

Pardon my week delay on current events, but here’s another tidbit for the “in case you missed it section” – this article comes from BBC News:

Most radio stations in Somalia have stopped playing music, on the orders of Islamist Hizbul-Islam insurgents who say that songs are un-Islamic. The stations said they had to comply with the ban, as if they did not, they would be putting their lives at risk. The BBC correspondent in Somalia says this latest order has strong echoes of the Taliban in Afghanistan.  In the past, militants in some areas have banned watching films and football and forced men to grow beards. Somalia has not had a functioning central government since 1991 and the Islamist militants control large parts of its territory. The transitional government — backed by African Union troops and UN funds — controls only a small part of the capital, Mogadishu.

Artist: Final Fantasy
Song: Keep The Dog Quiet