by chuck bell

When Chicago legends Cap’n Jazz broke up in 1995, its members went on to form countless new projects, some of which still exist today. Of all of these offshoot bands, Ghosts & Vodka had one of the shortest lifespans. Initially, guitarist Sam Zurick stuck with Cap’n Jazz vocalist Tim Kinsella for his new experimental band, Joan of Arc. Victor Villareal began playing guitar in a band called Tetsuo. It was not until 1998 that all four members of Ghosts & Vodka met, at a reunion concert for The Sky Corvair (which was itself a side project of Cap’n Jazz and Braid). Zurick and Villareal reunited on guitars, each bringing a member of their current band on board: bassist Erik Bocek of Joan of Arc and drummer Scott Shellhamer of Tetsuo. It was only a matter of months before they released their first 7″ EP, Memento Mori.

Artist: Ghosts & Vodka
Song: It’s All About Right Then



by ND McCray

Goldfrapp, | Head First (Mute) | electro-pop

Generally I’m not big on writing about electro-poppy stuff in the house report because EVERYBODY writes about this stuff. But Head First is electro-poppy enough to get me to put pen to paper, rather, fingers to keyboard and put “Rocket” on repeat. That and I am a Goldfrapp fan! Van Halen synths aside, I’m digging the album for its throwback electro-pop appeal. It’s like a soundtrack to some of our favorite eighties TV shows and movies (e.g. Bosom Buddies and Weird Science). Other favorite tracks are “Alive” and “Dreaming”.

Artist: Goldfrapp
Song: Alive




by kate max

The world’s eyes will be trained on South Africa this summer, as the continent hosts its first-ever FIFA World Cup. 32 National teams will convene in ten stadiums across the country to compete for what many consider the World’s greatest sports honor. The action of the first game begins on June 10, 2010 but the celebration starts the evening before with a first-ever Kick-Off and benefit concert. The show is slated to be a mix of international superstars, African traditionalists, and even smaller-name performers near and dear to our Indie hearts. Johannnesburg natives BLK JKS take the stage to perform in their hometown at Orlando Stadium. The band, who describe themselves as “psychedelic rock dub” can be recognized by last year’s melodic international single “Lakeside” from 2009′s fantastic album, After Robots.

Artist: BLK JKS
Song: Molalatladi

Other artists performing at this legendary concert include Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, John Legend, Shakira, Tinariwen, Vieux Farka Touré, and Vusi Mahlasela. Tune in to the televised event with millions of others across the globe to celebrate the upcoming two weeks of international competitive spirit and unity! If you’re headed to South Africa you can grab tickets to the concert here.


by st. perry

Kelly green has far and away been my favorite color for most of my life, and cups are in my top 100 inventions of all time. So it goes without saying that I enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s a St. Patty’s sampler inspired by the color green and all its associated objects…

Artist: Deerhoof
Song: Green Cosmos
Artist: Cibelle
Song: Green Grass
Song: Green Starred Sleeve


by ND McCray

PantyRaid, | The Sauce – (Marine Parade) | dubstep | hip hop

According to South Africa-native MartyParty and LA-based Ooah, collectively known as the electro duo Pantyraid, “we produce sexy music, and perform at sexy parties.” Alright, Martin Folb and Josh Mayer, I’ll give it to you — The Sauce is not your average ride of beats, electro, hip hop and dubstep. It’s much more: a sweet ride of electro hits!

Artist: Pantyraid
Song: Beba



by scro lord

All I want is to be surprised. Having what may begin like a familiar journey end in a weird twist of sound or ideas that jostle my balance. Confuse and intrigue me while I submerge myself in the cultural and musical delights of New York City 2010. Yes, this is some snarky diatribe on a blog site. I’m aware of the dedication, practice, and emotional commitment needed for good and above-average art and I admit that I lack the ability to create most of the media that I’m currently criticizing. But while my statements are large, I can only speak for my personal experience and surroundings. This rant maybe ill-conceived, an overreaction to the hype of a band like the Local Natives seemingly perfecting an already existing music style, people paying $35 to watch Animal Collective stand still in alien costumes at the Guggenheim for three hours, and some wannabe rebels throwing rocks at an American Apparel. But I guess I’m just sending this out to the universe out of frustration. Frustration that I can’t create inspirational art for myself and depend on others to do it for me. Frustration because I know there’s amazingly inspirational new music in the world and I just haven’t found it yet. I will now stop complaining and go on the ultimate tune hunt today. It’s rabbit season.


by kate ‘face’ maxwell

Devo’s back with a new album as well as an abstract color study to involve their fans in their marketing strategy. With questions such as “What color will not lift this woman’s sinking depression?” and “What color will intoxicate this man the most?” the band prompts us to use color to consider both the norms of society as well as our own interpretations of it. Devo states that the survey has been implemented in partnership with their new marketing agency Mother LA to help them determine every decision it makes as a band, from brand color to instrumentation on a given track. The new song “Fresh” is catchy, fun and psychedelic; not trying to evolve their sound but embodying that very 80s synth pop that makes them Devo. Partake in Devo’s tripped out color study here. And check out the the track “Fresh” off their upcoming album below.

Artist: Devo
Song: Fresh


by bmac

Projecting shit on buildings is cool.  I’ve seen movies, music videos, random artwork, and even projected laser graffiti, but this is taking light art to the next level. Custom animations made for a specific building and projected with super high res equipment. I like how they all have a part where a giant monster breaks out of the building.



by grover cleeves

“Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Artist: Janka Nabay
Song: Good Governance


by Shannon Moore

I heard the Drop Nineteens about fifteen years too late, in my friend’s car driving on the highway. The song — a cover of Madonna’s “Angel,” layered, droney and driving drums — a perfect highway track. And I thought, for a minute, my music-guru friend had found yet another new throwback band doing The Cure. “What is this, like psychedelic? Is this from this year?” My friend looked stunned.

Artist: Angel
Song: Drop Nineteens