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still photo & edit by joe perez / shot by muggsy and koster

We’re up to episode 4 in our ‘Do It Yourself‘ vodcast series and we’re going doco with a portrait of Market Hotel during its infamous “shut down” in February 2010. During a private shoot with QC last year, members of the bands Real Estate and These Are Powers, along with Market Hotel pioneers, broke down the venue and its importance in the Brooklyn music community.

Market Hotel served as a birthright for aspiring indie musicians in NYC and will forever remain a landmark for those who have passed through its walls and frolicked in the sweaty hipster-dancing and cheap beer. Though the venue remains currently shut down, plans have long been in the works to make it a co-opted art space with help from government and private grants. To get more information or to get involved email We leave you now to enjoy the piece, and as an added bonus you can check out a live mp3 from These Are Powers’ private Market Hotel session, featured in episode 2 of our series.

Artist: These Are Powers
Song: Powers Engage (Market Hotel Session)



edited by muggsy

Part 3 of Quiet Color’s ‘Do It Yourself‘ video series takes us to Bushwick, Brooklyn and the living room/art gallery/Brooklyn D.I.Y. venue Fort Useless. It was a cold and gray day in NYC when we met with husband and wife Andreas Werliin and Mariam Wallentin, more aptly known as the Swedish indie duo Wildbirds and Peacedrums. What would follow was an intimate and resplendant performance that transformed Fort Useless into a warm winter sanctum. Quiet Color is blessed to have captured this private live session and we’re thrilled to now share it with all of you. Enjoy the majesty and look out for more D.I.Y. episodes on QC very very soon.



edit by joe perez

Episode 2 of our Do It Yourself series is here as we continue our survey of the underground music scene in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We were fortunate to get the inside scoop on the Market Hotel shut down last year (a future episode fyi), but during the process we got Market alumns These Are Powers to rock out a private live session in the Hotel entrance. Check out the cut of “Powers Engage.” More episodes coming very very soon :)



edit by chris mulligan

We at QC spent a fair chunk of our 2010 creating and producing an 8-episode video series reflecting on Brooklyn’s precious D.I.Y. scene and some of the influential artists that pass through. After almost a whole year of planning and promising, the series is complete and ready for air. We’ll be releasing these videos week by week over the next 2 months to give you a closer look at what we got into over the past 10 months. In episode 1, we visit Bushwick’s legendary House Of Yes for what was truly an epic evening back in February 2010. Quiet Color’s sloppy circus raged with live performances by Javelin, Ava Luna, Dinowalrus, and The Shivers (not to mention aerial acrobats and fire breathers). Enjoy this snapshot of the special venue, wild party, and unique combination of Javelin and aerial acrobats who executed a seamless collaboration during the track  “Moscow.”