by liam g

So I asked my fellow QC staffers to hook it up with the crazy text messages they receive throughout their daily lives. As for me, I know that I send and receive the craziest shit on the regular. For whatever reason, only a few of my friends have answered the request and I’ve grown restless in waiting. To get the ball rolling, here are a few texts (VERBATIM) that I received or were forwarded to me this week. I bequeath that QC readers start sending them in, since our staffers are admittedly narcissistic.


From an older woman/neighbor that my friend has hooked up with in Miami:

“4 future references… I don’t need a play by play of ur domestic situation..
just fuck my brains out :-) a.s.a.p.! Luz”

From my mom:

“Alex, I miss you very much and would like to hear your voice. I hope you are enjoying yourself on your trip. I brought home a kitty today. His name is Harry.”

To my friend from some equally crack’d friend:

“We still have one pill u and i can share”

To my friend from some psycho clingy girl (they definitely hooked up after this):

“dont try to bang me nemore. i dont want 2″

From some crazy dude who barbecues inside his tiny Brooklyn apartment:

“Who says i cant grill inside? Lol BALLIN!”

To my friend from some random weed dealer:

“that was little russia. thats what i mean if i tell u to meet me at little russia”

A text response to my friend after his boyfriend wanted to eat this girl’s plants while tripping:

“Oh that plant! It is basil and it IS edible!”

*** If you’ve got some more crazy texts, throw them in comments! We’re bored and want to read them.

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