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Beaks to the Moon is the 3rd Album by The Shivers, who have previously released Phone Calls and Charades. Their mix of jazz instrumentation and indie lyrics has attracted a party of new fans in the past year. The band is wise and consequently eclectic between albums, and within them. This most recent release has a comfortably curtailed pace, with tempo pickups at tracks 5 & 9 (‘Half Invisible’ & ‘Hey Mr. Officer’) but the band stays within their skill set to produce a complete album of intelligent music making which should appeal to classic musicians, hipster nation, and most effectively, those in between.

Track 1 – Beaks To The Moon – I Wish I Was Never Born

The album features a valiant Velvet Underground cover of ‘There is No Reason,’ as well as an updated version of ‘Half Invisible’ which appeared on their album Phone Calls. The newer vision is a little less raw and more tribal (if that makes any sense.) I’m still not sure what version I like better, but I also have a complex about songs with multiple versions. I always say I like the original best and then 2 months in, I decide that the newer track is ridiculously superior (I had similar issues with Metric’s ‘Monster Hospital’ and Thom Yorke’s acoustic ‘Videotape’ vs. the In Rainbows version.)

I admittedly like this band and was anxious to hear the new album, but I wasn’t looking forward to reviewing it. I prefer to enjoy things without reason or consequence. But I wanted to give this band press because they’re extremely talented and under appreciated. Thankfully, I really enjoy the album. I listened to it sober in the morning & sober in the afternoon on my drives to and from work. As mentioned, the pacing is comfortably slow and the songs melt together nicely. But I think my favorite listen came at home after a couple of drinks, with absolutely nowhere to go. That outcome makes sense because it’s a great album to chill with and keep you company. It’s a good friend for an otherwise lonely night. To catch The Shivers live, check out their current tour dates.

Favorite Songs: ‘Only Mine’, ‘Feather’, ‘I Wish I Was Never Born’, ‘Half Invisible’, ‘Hey Mr. Officer’

Favorite Parts:The Gershwin-esque intro to ‘Deserter’ is beautiful & I love when the beat drops in ‘Only Mine’

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  1. Posted July 13, 2015 at 12:30 am | Permalink

    если бы я тебя любил

  2. rich
    Posted May 19, 2016 at 9:38 pm | Permalink

    i either forgot or didn’t know that ‘there is no reason’ was a velv underground song (or demo) but the shivers / keith z definitely polished it

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