by marc amigone

The Sway Machinery is a creative collaboration between five of the most dynamic musicians on the NY scene, bass saxophonist Colin Stetson of Arcade Fire and Tom Waits’ Band, horn players Stuart Bogie and Jordan McLean of Antibalas, Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and frontman Jeremiah Lockwood of Balkan Beat Box. With a lineup of talented musicians such as those who play in as many diverse and wide-ranging projects, you’d expect their combined efforts to produce something extraordinary. Your expectations will be met and surpassed if you go to Le Poisson Rouge next Monday and/or Tuesday night to see Hidden Melodies Revealed, their secret celebration of Rosh HaShana.


Jeremiah Lockwood’s grandfather, the legendary Jacob Konigsberg, exposed him to Jewish cantor music at a young age. Jeremiah grew up playing on the subways of New York, honing his craft as a musician, incorporating the many elements of the NY scene to which he was exposed. The Sway Machinery seeks to bring the lost art of Jewish Cantor music to a contemporary context, updating and invigorating the traditional sound to create something spectacularly unique and new. What’s created is a powerfully rich, other-worldly sound that transports willing listeners to another plane of existence.

Hidden Melodies Revealed will be two nights to remember. Utilizing the multi-media elements of Le Poisson Rouge, the performance space will be a magical backdrop for the rich mesmerizing soundscapes that will unfold. The talent of the musicians alone is reason enough to come to the show, but seeing something uniquely beautiful and rare is all the more motivation. Le Poisson Rouge, Monday and Tuesday night, $10–a small fee to pay for the extreme musical workmanship one will be sure to witness at the event.

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