by zander(s)

Day 2. A late start. We got to the media tent – by the way, we must mention all of the awesomeness involved with the media tent. Not only does it function as a place of solitude and rest away from the masses, they also comp you sick drinks, delicious barbecue, and of course, musician mingling. ANYWAY, we got there around 3:30, and just as we were getting our morning margaritas, a thunderous voice was coming from the other side of the fence. We looked at our schedule and realized Man Man had just taken the stage. If you haven’t heard Man Man before, just imagine Gogol Bordello’s annoying little brother with musical talent. Covered in war paint and ripped up white t’s, these guys even busted out bicycle horns at one point. They were all over the fucking stage, jumping into the crowd, creating mayhem. Very cool performance, to put it mildly.

Next up was Erykah Badu at the main stage. Looking almost pregnant in a smiley tshirt and sweats, lady still rocked the mic, and the mob. Singing hits like “On and On,” and “Love of My Life” she also covered songs from her latest album “New Amerykah Part One (4th World War)”. She is so freaking sexy and powerful, she stupefied that crowd almost instantly. Sadly for us, we had to leave to refuel and make our way over to MGMT.


I was excited and skeptical after Kevin’s negatory QC review of their show at the pool party. We all know I’m easy but I’ll mix in some criticism because, because. The album itself is one of those all or nothing discs, jumping between songs of the century and skip tracks. The show was similar but great. Catching live performances of “Kids”, “Time to Pretend,” and “Electric Feel” can quickly set you right. And their passable jams give you a minute to sit down with your wine cup. It’s their presentation and energy that needs improvement. Their stage antics are mundane and unapparrent. But they’re young and over-hyped so we’ll give them time to figure shit out.

Continuing with our general theme of perfect timing, just as MGMT wrapped up, John Fogerty started rolling one stage over. I don’t know about you, but I looooove CCR. Love. So, to see Fogerty was sort of a thrill. He came out shining, and barreled through classics like “Looking Out My Back Door”, “Bad Moon Rising”, and “Born On The Bayou.” We actually met some nice folks standing beside us who actually were born on the bayou, so we chatted, smoked some hash, and rocked out to Fogerty, A.K.A., THE MAN. He has exactly what MGMT lacks, which perhaps isn’t a fair assessment considering the age difference; but with experience, comes the comfort of fame, and the naturalness of performing. Fogerty is a pro, and it shows. A few songs in, we realized it was 7, and we had to be at the Gnarles Barkley taping by 7:30. So, reluctantly, we headed toward the bus, and on to what was truly a memorable experience.

This is where our coverage diverts from the festival grounds. We had to take the opp to catch the live taping of the Austin City Limits TV series. The show highlights popular music acts through a series of private shows filmed and presented at the UT campus studio. They hooked press up with free beer that we hoarded and consumed maliciously. I was originally against collecting 5 beer cups since we were in plain view, front and center. But it was genius premeditation by homegirl since we got to sip our way through Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse, jamming “Gone Daddy Gone,” “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul,” and “Crazy” which we recorded and saved for you punks. That vein, reminds me that we can’t send this press to the publicists that hooked us up because audio recording and photography is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN there. But we’re rebels and I took a few voyeur pics from my pelvis that I threw in the gallery.

From there, we rode Eliza’s motivation to a blender after party where we snagged some more free vodka redbulls (they’re growing on trees this weekend), and met some random industry fools. We went early so it was somewhat dead but the American Legion house is a sick location and I’m glad we made the appearance. We then cabbed it to Antone’s in downtown Austin for a Jakob Dylan show that my newly met fairy godfather set us up with. I had a random epiphany about Dylan who I hated just a week ago. He’s actually good and that shadow is a bitch to break through. Yeah his voice and style are strikingly close to his dad’s. But if you’ve been to a Dylan show lately, Jakob is what you wish you’d hear. Bob doesn’t bring his old shit anymore and Jakob’s tracks are as close as you can get. Especially if you’re scheming for a mental replacement to Bob’s gospel new releases that have dominated his concert set lists the past 5 years.

Anyways, I’ll chill on further details. In short, we got drunk and skipped through the Austin night with rhythm and attitude. Another whirlwind day filled with music and cold drinks. We also witnessed two strangers having sex in the back of a red pickup truck. Write a song about that and email me. We’re off to day 3, lata…

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