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Alright so we’ll shut up about Austin for a while after we get through this one last ACL post. I feel battered after 3 toxic days of music, consumption, and connections. Not to mention the fact that reality bites and I’m back stuck in the middle. I finally made it to my apartment and all I want to do is sleep. But let us relive ACL one last time while we hook you up with free music, pics, and a few concert clips from the weekend that was.


ACL Day 3. We got to our beloved media tent around 2:30, just in time to collect ourselves and figure out a schedule for our final day of music. We decided it might be cool to check out Nicole Atkins over at the kiddy tent. Great move. She was incredibly charming as a few kids danced around on stage with her while she belted out “Brooklyn’s on Fire” and then sang a sweet rendition of “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” This festival had more kids than I’ve ever seen before, and it helped set a nice tone for everyone’s attitude.

HOT CHIP @ AUSTIN CITY LIMITS from Quiet Color on Vimeo.

Next we decided to check out Stars, the five piece indie poppers from Montreal. Throwing long stemmed roses off the stage was a pretty cool effect, but sadly that was the most interesting thing going on. About three songs in, we decided we’d had enough and wandered back to the barn to see Xavier Rudd. We hung around back stage watching these two guys embrace in what seemed like an eternal hug. Whispering in each other’s ear, it was looking like a real bromance….wait a second, is that Xavier? It was. I went over to say hello, since I had interviewed him for QC only a couple of days ago. I got a hug as well; he’s just that type of guy. His performance started a little shaky – there were slight problems with the soundboard and speakers – but soon enough, he had the crowd jumping. He played a lot from his new album, “Darker Shades of Blue,” and rocked the shit out that digerridoo. Xavier is like an amazing DJ who can actually play instruments. He manipulates sound and rhythm, creating music so complex it’s hard to throw him into any category. After hearing one of my favorites, “Conceal Me,” we realized that we should book it to the media tent for another awesome happy hour.

Probably the best day over there. Have you ever had Frito pie followed up by a jalapeno vodka shot with a chili powder rim? Didn’t think so. Things like this make Austin what it is. Fucking fantastic…

Okkervil River @ Austin City Limits from Quiet Color on Vimeo.

It was nearing 5:30, and I really wanted to catch Blues Traveler, so I bolted over to the Dell stage and attempted to make my way through the massive crowd waiting impatiently for John and the boys to start the show. They opened with a cover. Weird. Personally, I hate it when bands cover “I Want You To Want Me.” Especially, when the song sounds more or less the same – it ends up sounding like a Goddamn karaoke jam. Anyway, the crowd seemed to dig it, they actually went kind of crazy for it. After favorites like “Run Around,” and “Hook” I decided it was probably best to get a spot at the Raconteurs show at the main stage.


[Quick interjection from Alex]

I have to state that I was to cool for Blues Traveler so I double dipped and caught The Heartless Bastards and Okkervil River. The Heartless Bastards are pretty much playing all their new stuff these days while they wait to drop a new album. As I mentioned yesterday. The disc definitely has potential it’s just too early to tell. The Okkervil set was pretty awesome. Their live sets are alot more energetic than how their albums play. I recognized some tracks off their ’05 release Black Sheep Boy but I was pretty spaced out at this point. They’re extremely talented though and have solid stage prescence so I wanted to plug. Eventually I chased down Eliza at the Raconteurs

NICOLE ATKINS AND THE SEA @ ACL “DREAM” from Quiet Color on Vimeo.

Our spot for the show ended up being in the VIP, which we realized SUCKS. I wondered why it is that at every show I’ve seen, the people in the VIP, the ones who are supposed to be cool and important, and really into the music, are never any of those things. It was super boring in there, so we took our free beer and rolled back to where the real fans were. Jack white and Co put on a great show, though I must criticize, if just a little. I’ve seen The Raconteurs play four times now, and every show is pretty much the same. It’s awesome that Jack attempts to take the back seat and let someone else shine, but Brendon Benson just isn’t a star. And to be frank, he’s a little too bumptious on stage. You’re not quite a legend yet, my friend. Let’s take it down a notch. Still much love for The Raconteurs, who covered a lot of their new album, “Consolers of the Lonely” but also played old favorites like ” Steady As She Goes,” and “Level.” We had to split early to catch some of Band of Horses and then Tegan and Sara.

Band of Horses, you are magnificent. I’m sad that I didn’t have a great spot to watch, and that I had to leave the set early, but the timing coalition just wasn’t on our side today, sigh. I was able to hear my absolute favorite jam, “Is There a Ghost.” They killed it and rocked the shit out of that little side stage.


On to Tegan and Sara who are, by the way, really funny. Quote of the night: “Has anyone ever met their boyfriend or girlfriend in the bathroom? No? Cause I did, so I was just wondering.” – Tegan. They went on to play songs mostly off “The Con” and got the crowd particularly riled for “Where Does The Good Go.”
We figured one last stop at the media tent for a bathroom break and to fill our backpack with Bud Lights (also known as “The Friend-maker”). We got a money spot for Foo Fighters, kinda far, but next to some really fun Irishmen, and a drunken fairy godmother for Alex.


Foo’s, oh my shit, they are so fucking awesome! Both of us had never seen them live, so it was a treat, to say the least. The set list was expected, but the makeup of each song was played in a fresh way. They transcended all expectations and each song seemed to outshine the last. “There Goes My Hero,” “Everlong,” and “Baker Street” were obvious crowd-pleasers, but it was fucking phenomenal to walk out of the park while they played “Monkey Wrench.” I know, it would have been nice to stay till the end, but we had to get over to La Zona Rosa to try and finagle our way into another after-party featuring Jenny Lewis, M. Ward, Conor Oberst, and another night of debauchery.

It was another random, smattered night. Eliza befriended a pirate. I made friends with this funny couple that I talked to forever about god knows what until we started throwing back petron. We then had an impromptu meeting with Bill Murray who we ended up talking to for a couple minutes. But It sucks to be a celebrity man. Some random girl came up to him crying, referencing a story involving her dead father. It was weird as fuck and awkward and I thought to myself how annoying it must be have strangers coming up to you all the time, injecting your ears with their personal information.

And that was that. Every time I leave Austin I think about moving there. Great people, great vibe, and another tremendous time at Austin City Limits.

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