by kevin diamond

Last night I saw Broken Social Scene.

I can’t hear out of my right ear. I hope that passes.

I’m going to write this review in fragments, because that’s how I think right now, and cause it’s, like, BROKEN, get it?! Like a social scene!?

Just go with me on this one.


This show was on par to match any show i’ve ever been to. They played for 2 and a half hours. I feel like I just experienced Tantric sex for the first time. Powerful, non stop music, delivered with charm, wit, and irreverence.

If I owned a television network, this is what I’d do: Give Broken Social Scene a weekly, hour-long variety show. Cause these guys are fucking entertainers; it’s in their blood, it’s all they know. Imagine that. They’d just play songs and invite their myriad talented friends to perform songs too. And there would be puppets. Oh, jesus, would there ever be puppets.

Here are some amazing things that happened:

Kevin Drew Forgetting the second verse of Cause = Time. He proceeded to walk around the stage, while the band vamped, asking all the members if they remembered it. And all the other band members looked up from their instruments, shrugging their shoulders, all like “I dunno, man, that’s not my job.”

The side projects were all well represented. They played songs from both BSS Presents: albums, as well as:

an Apostle of Hustle tune

Their new(ish) guitarist has a band maybe called Hawaii? They played a song of his, which Kevin Drew introduced as “Bump and Grind music. Sexual Harassment Music.” It was quite sexy.

The Do Make Say Think guy has the most amazing side project! He’s recording the human voice and finding the musicality in it. He played a recording of his neighbor describing what she thought happiness was. Then he played it again with the Saxaphonist matching her every cadance. I was blown away.

The chick from the opening band (Land of Talk) sang all the Fiest/Haines/Female Vocal parts and did a damn good job. She even plays a mean guitar part. Her band’s a little 90s alternative for my taste, but not horrible.

You see what I’m saying now, about the variety show thing? This would kill! Get me NBC!

At 11:30 Drew explained: That’s it, that’s the end of the show. But curfew’s not ’til midnight, so we’re gonna keep playing.

Of course you are, Kevin Drew. You so crazy.

“Anthem for a 17 Year Old Girl” – yes!
“Lovers Spit” – double yes!

Kevin Drew has Wayne Coyne‘s curly locks and a bit of his showmanship, while Brandon Canning looks all quiet, eccentric genius, with blond curls and a graying beard. And he’s funny. All these guys are funny, and fun! Why would you not go see this band? it’s like taking an ecstasy pill and playing with yourself! That’s how great it is!

Towards the end of the set: Drew, again: “This is the part in the show where we ask you to scream.” And lord, almighty, did we scream. We let out everything we had on those poor masons. I’ve never heard a louder, happier crowd.

And we all spilled into the street at 12:30, covered in sweat, hardly able to hear each other expound on the virtues of this show from the ringing.

Oh, the ringing, it still hasn’t stopped.

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