by greg dybec

The streets of New York scream creativity through visible artistic graffiti that rests like meaningful tattoos on buildings, pavement, and street signs. Sometimes we stumble upon a picture or a phrase that isn’t so quick to leave our minds.


My discovery began while I was walking through Soho for the day with a couple of friends, hoping to pick up a few tee shirts or something. I got a little tripped up and realized that my shoe lace had come loose, so I slowly knelt down to tie it. My friends continued walking leaving me a little behind which made it all the more ironic when I looked down to see the words “Nobody Cares” painted onto the pavement. Oddly enough it looked familiar, as the ‘O’ resembled a face wearing a crown with a large tear drop coming from the left eye. I quickly pulled out my phone and to this day that humble piece of graffiti is my background.

About two days later I was walking down St.Marks Place to meet up with a friend of mine when my peripherals caught a glimpse of some writing on a door. To my surprise it was the exact art work that I had taken a picture of in Soho a few weeks prior. I snapped a shot of this “Nobody Cares” as well, and that’s when my research began.

I figured that such a simple yet powerful phrase, with some pretty original design, was not just located in these two spots that I happened to walk by. It would not be a surprise if this mysterious slogan was starting to infect the city like chicken pox on five year olds. Now for any of you familiar with this “Nobody Cares” business, you can call me naive, but further research was necessary.

It wasn’t difficult to get to the bottom of this. A simple Google search and all of my questions were answered. This artist appropriately goes by the name of Nobody a.k.a. TMNK. So for the artist epidemic that hit countless spots in NYC, guess what, Nobody did it.

This distinctive artist with an interesting and powerful message has a gallery on EBay as well as his own website. This is some contemporary street art that is most definitely worth a glimpse and some praise. Check him out at his own website, or on EBay.

Oh yea, and there’s more irony. After seeing his work online and hearing his name once again, I realized that I had met this man about a year ago when he had a table set up in Soho. Who knows, maybe it’s a sign that I should invest in some art.

And for you city folk, keep an eye out because just when you think that nobody cares, you might just see a reminder that somebody does. That somebody happens to be Nobody.

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