by j*starsteadyrockin

Listening to new tracks from Too Thirsty 4 Love, the new album by match-made-in-mars duo, Quintron and Miss Pussycat is making me feel like I sipped on some sizzurp and went to the roller disco.


plays an organ that (certainly by means of magic) is half-Hammond, half-Rhodes and made to look like a car with working headlights and exhaust. But then again, he did create the Drum Buddy, which is like a crossbreed drum machine and theremin that can be hooked up to a turntable for beat matching.

Miss Pussycat’s contribution to the DIY-ness is through her puppet shows. The golden moment of her show “Mystery of the Haunted Art Gallery” is Santa shooting up the villain with a machine gun that sprays silver confetti as bullets.

Quintron and Miss Pussycat are currently on tour! They already played in NYC but Miami heads can catch them on Saturday, November 29th at Churchills Pub. More dates on their myspace. Too Thirsty 4 Love can be purchased on their website.

They are not just a band; they are a collaboration of supreme genius inventors who deserve every ounce of support us non-geniuses (or not so geniuses) can give!

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