by eliza

Walking into the dark, christmas-lighted, sea monster walling, speaker blaring, rickety staired warehouse was like a scene out of a Gus Van Sant movie. A warehouse with a tiny red gate on an empty street near the Williamsburg bridge, I found myself wanting to see many more shows, or even just hang at this spot. I mean, the bartender pulled ice cube trays from the fridge behind the bar to make my drink. I felt like I was back in my buddy’s basement taking bong hits or something.


Really, I was just looking for an alternative to something like Mercury Lounge and the les on a Thursday night, so I decided to check out the self proclaimed “Best Dance Party in Brooklyn,” presented by PopGun Booking. I’m really f’ing pumped that I did, because last night was the most fun I’ve had in at least three weeks.

On the bill was French Horn Rebellion, Anamanaguchi, and Savoir Adore, with additional DJ sets by DJ Holla and Kid Color. We walked in as Savoir Adore was playing. So, okay, I guess I just have to accept the fact that bands these days are going to be backed by an iPod, but I can’t say that I like it. I mean, just because MGMT is getting away with it doesn’t make it cool, am I wrong? Help me out here.

ANYWAY, Savoir Adore still really, really great, pounding out sounds similar to another band I was supposed to see last night, Violens. One girl on keys, one guy on guitar was all they needed to perfect their electro-pop goodness. Think Mates of State, only more awesome. I’m actually listening to them as I write this. They’re playing this Sunday at MHOW with Bishop Allen – I’m sure that will be a sick show…see you there.

The next group up was a band called Anamanaguchi. Three electric guitars and a drum kit. This kind of set up scares me. Especially when I’m standing underneath a speaker. As if my hearing could get worse. Turns out they were more Chromeo than Ponytail, which is good. This shit was Nintendo on crack. Seriously, Mario and Luigi all coked out as they jump to another mushroom cloud.

Their fucking guitar riffs are still in my head, though. This band rocks, and as I looked among the ski hats and sunglasses dancing in front of me, it was clear that they were in good company at Glasslands. I danced right through their whole set, kind of wishing they had a singer, but also digging the fact that they didn’t. They’ll be playing at the Blip Festival in the BK on December 4th. Get there.

In order to preserve some of my auditory nerve endings, I had to get out of there and go tell my friends about the two great bands I just saw. Big ups to PopGun for putting the night together.

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