by joey bots

What do you get when you mix one part: soul, two parts: rock & roll, a dash of the blues, and sprinkle it with Ben Harper’s brilliant song writing? Relentless7, Ben Harper’s newly formed project. Said to imitate the unique styles of performers such as Cream, Prince (yeah, that’s right), and Pink Floyd; the rock outfit is set to make melodious memories. Harper exclaims, “It’s rock music from the places that you want rock to be from. There’s some Queen in there, and some Floyd-isms, and there’s a good dose of blues and soul.” Details and song after the jump.

Relentless7 – Serve Your Soul

White Lies For Dark Times is set to release May 2009. Cutting with Harper is guitarist Jason Mozersky from the Austin group O:A, as well as drummer Jordan Richardson and bassist Jesse Ingalls – both former members of LA quintet Oliver Future. Currently, the band is streaming samples of their work, an effervescent original called “Serve Your Soul”, “Purple Rain” and a vamped take on Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times.”

According to recent comments, the newly formed rock band has been on the mind of Harper for some time. “I knew, in the deepest place, that there was something, this music, waiting for me,” he says. “What Relentless7 has done in the way of expanding me personally is it has met me exactly where I am in my heart and head. It provided the sonic landscape I needed for that.”

Relentless7 is gearing up for some lo-pro club shows in L.A. and New York in December, rumors are hinting at the Mint, or the Mercury Lounge. I’m pumped.

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