by eliza

Fun is a band you will love. Formerly the front man for The Format, lead singer Nate Ruess teamed up with Steel Train’s Jack Antonoff and Andrew Dost of Anathollo. They recorded their debut album this September and have been on the road with Jack’s Mannequin and Treaty of Paris. I saw them last night at The Blender Theater and have nothing but delightful things to say. First of all, they’re just, as you might guess, fun. Even though they’re a new band, they performed like they’ve been playing together for years. Their set was tight, and though the crowd bought this show out primarily for Jack’s Mannequin, they were definitely welcomed by the audience, especially those of us over 18.


Their sound reminded me of a young, less polished Decemberists. Nate’s unsteady vocals make theim sound ernest and genuine, for some reason you feel like he’s a good guy. People went nuts when they played the one song they’ve released called “Benson Hedges.” Sadly, though, during a cover of “Come On Eileen,” the crowd went silent. My 15 year old sister had no clue what the words were. Eh, what can you do? On a less musical note, their t-shirts rock, check out their merch gear. FUN. [pics after the jump]

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