by alyssa coluccio

I never really understood electronic music. It usually ends up reminding me of the sounds computers make when they malfunction, or the way robots would break it down if they were musically inclined. Yet, despite the fact that I am one of the few who has not embraced electronic music in this digitally driven age, I’ve found myself completely transfixed by A-ux’s breakbeats.


A-ux’s world is one where gravity does not exist, everything is colored in neon shades, and amidst the bleeps and buzzes, lay the stories of everyone from twenty-something year old disco queens and club prowlers, to multi-colored aliens and video game heroes.

With one CD already out on I-tunes (Duotone), and another E.P. (Auxism) set for a tentative January ’09 date, this NYC based artist is no stranger to spinning out track after track of intricate, original, and creative pieces.

“Journey To New Hope” lives up to its name, starting with classic electro beats, reminiscent of pinball machines and dance clubs, and transitioning effortlessly to ambient electronica, showcasing soaring keyboards. As I listen, I almost feel like I’m flying through a strobe-lit sky; yet it’s not trippy… it’s oddly freeing.

“Neon Generation,” layered with fuzzy static, tinny clanking, frantic, melodic beeps, and atmospheric whirring, is fun and energetic, creating the perfect blend between contrasting elements.

I have found a personal obsession within “Cocked Locked Ready To Rock.” This song is fierce. It’s like the Ting-Tings walked into a dance club and started throwing beer bottles around, shouting obscenities to a sweaty sea of people too immersed in the beats and their own dancing to care. (Note: This is really just a re-mix of a MonoSurround track. The Ting-Ting’s are just innocent bystanders thrown into the mix of things because this song reminded me of their music.)

A-ux is what I’d like to coin as “eclecto-electro.” It’s unconventional electronica with a twist of cool. It’s futuristic yet classic, structured yet experimental, and if I ever find myself at an inter-galactic dance party (you never know…), I’ll be sure to crank this up as all the stars and galaxies align to listen.

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