by eliza czander

Quiet Color: You’re music is so beautiful and delicate. It’s hard to believe you were involved in the punk/hardcore music scene when you first started. When did things change for you? What was the inspiration to start writing entirely different music?

Whitley: When I was playing in hardcore bands, I was still listening to Dylan, Mason Jennings, Paul Simon and other folks like Emmylou Harris. It taught me not to associate with a scene, but to find the essence of a song. My friend’s Dad took my friend and I to a Folk show one night, and I had a moment of clarity. I knew that this form of music could best express things that I felt.


QC: I know you take a pretty organic approach when it comes to songwriting and recording. What moves you and makes you feel really creative? How does the process usually unfold?

WH: I think it’s always different. This time I’m rehearsing with two of the guys from my band. I basically go away through the week and write a few songs, then I pick my favorite, and we see if we can manifest the ideas into a song with the appropriate form. But creatively, it’s like someone else is in my mind, doing all that. It seems this person can hijack my brain for a few hours a day…then he just let’s me ride my bike or watch cartoons.

QC: You just finished your US tour, how was it to be on the road? Any fun stories or favorite moments? Favorite cities, maybe?

WH: My favorite cities are always the same three. NYC, Minneapolis MN and New Orleans LO. The whole tour was pretty fun and amazing, I can’t complain. Of course funny things happened…but I can’t tell you everything right?

QC: What’s next for you? Are you going to get working on a new album anytime soon?

WH: I’m working on my new album right now. I have rehearsals twice a week with my band and I’m really enjoying it. I think it will be out around next year.

QC: Is there anyone you’re hoping to work with next? Any collaborations you’re planning on?

WH: I learned during the recording of my last album that a producer is not the option for me, because I have a strong idea of how I want it to sound. So, I’ll collaborate only with my closest friends, there may be a few guests, but not enough to call it a guest album.

QC: I’m moving to Aussieland in January for a while. Are you going to be playing any gigs during that time? I’d love to come see you!

WH: Yes, I’ve got an Australian tour planned out in January. See if any of the dates match up!

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