by jackie nusz

With the intention of entering the Cultural Center of Chicago to quickly grab a map and head north to the cliché landmark that is Navy Pier, I ended up staying much longer after noticing a photography exhibit of Gauri Gill. Since I am a sucker for free exhibits, especially those containing photography, I decided to take a peak. Gauri Gill’s exhibit: The Americans displays photographs taken over a span of seven years (2000-2007) of Indian populations settling throughout various cities and towns in the United States.

Artist: Pattern Is Movement (CYNE remix)
Track: Sound Of Your Voice


Though a master of the black and white photograph, this series is in color. Gill’s display of it is both distinct and sharp. The colors in each photo bring an insight to the observer that would have been lost had the pictures been printed otherwise. Each picture gave me the feeling of what it is to be American nowadays; separate divisions for our multi-cultural backgrounds and upbringings, while highlighting the primary power that exists in the the unity that we are all Americans. Each picture shows a transition between past and present, new and old, and the beauty in adversity.

My time was limited, but I urge others to attend as the exhibit continues through December 28th. The experience may last anywhere from five minutes to an hour, but the impact it leaves and the way in which it speaks to every individual is fundamental.

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