by cheryl santa maria

It has recently come to my attention that QC readers are visual arts enthusiasts. I’ve been pretty adamant about the fact that I don’t get art, but my job is to make you guys happy.

So if you want art, you get art.

Artist: Sunset Rubdown
Song: A Day in the Graveyard II

And you know what?  This might be good for me. A learning experience, if you will. While a lot of the symbolism and historic content that makes a piece of artwork groundbreaking flies over my head, I do appreciate beautiful things – to a certain extent. I’m sure we can all agree that Van Gogh made stunning paintings. So did Picasso. But if I had the money, would I spend it on one of their pieces? I dunno; I’m a superficial bitch. I’d much rather have a closet full of shoes and Birkins. Don’t judge!

A few days ago I set out to find something visually stunning. Personally, I’m attracted to bright colors and odd shapes. And on that note, I’d like to introduce you to James Carl. James is a Toronto artist who has experimented with a bunch of different mediums. About four years ago, he came across a venetian blind in the trash and thought, “this is art.” He made a sculpture out of it and has been making things out of blinds ever since. You can see some of his work on display at the Diaz Contemporary Gallery.

If you have a monent, check out the gallery. The guy’s got talent.

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