by john cole

After spinning multiple DJ sets and performing her own songs at this year’s CMJ Marathon in New York City, Little Boots, hailing from Blackpool, England just released her impressive debut Arecibo EP on November 18th.  The A-side includes “Stuck On Repeat,” a track title which aptly described my obsessive behavior towards the song.  “Meddle” is on the other side of the 12″ that’ll make girls break through the floorboards with their heels and pumps.  Also included on the EP are two remixes of each song.  Fake Blood remixes “Stuck On Repeat” and is performing December 12th at Brooklyn’s Studio B.  “Meddle” is remixed by Ebola who seems to have successfully transformed the song into a hip-hop hit rather than the dance-crazy anthem it originally is.

Artist: Little Boots
Song: Meddle

The extremely talented Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, along with fellow musician Greg Kurstin from The Bird And The Bee produced the Arecibo EP.  It won’t be long until Little Boots starts getting the international recognition these guys have received.

Check out Little Boots’ blog and download a free DJ set she put up which is just as addictive as her own songs.

Lastly, if you’re having trouble trying to find the 12″ at your favorite record store, head to IamSoundRecords. You can order it through them.

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