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We didn’t receive a ton of quality jams this week. Either we’ve been spoiled lately or people are distracted by the holiday crunch. Regardless, we were able to find a few gems in the chaotic mess that is the QC inbox. Enjoy another installment of more music we didn’t post on (until now). Let’s kick it off with Johnny Poygon and DJ Green Lantern’s remix of Adele’s “Melt My Heart”. More tracks after the jump..

Artist: Adele remixed by Green Lantern
Song: Melt My Heart


I really enjoy the Miniature Tigers from Phoenix. I like their lyrics, the clean sounding vocals, and their melodies. You’ve probably heard this by now, after the love they got at CMJ. But here’s the single off their debut album Tell it to the Volcano. But it on ITunes here.

Artist: Miniature Tigers
Song: Cannibal Queen


Sara Lov will release her first solo album in March of ’09 but the first single is out and it happens to be a cover of Arcade Fire’s “My Body Is A Cage.” I like that song and this cover. She calls the album “simple and sad with a shot of scotch.” You can see if you like the rest of her stuff via myspace.

Artist: Sara Lov
Song: My Body Is A Cage

I got into Montag’s ambient sound after listening to his 2005 release Alone, Not Alone. He just released a self described “mini album” that serves as a “a warm sonic blanket of strings and synths.” He is a gifted electro orchestrator, and this new release has some nice tracks. But it here.

Artist: Montag
Song: La Symetrie Du Coeur

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