by john cole.. (pics by elizabeth weinberg, jeremy harris, rob levin)

Before I go into talking about the show, there were a couple things that were a bit annoying. For instance, Boost Mobile sponsoring the show, along with Jelly NYC. Boost Mobile really loves putting their logo wherever they can. There was a projection of it on stage behind the bands which was pretty unpleasant (not to mention the gaudy t shirts they were giving out).

Artist: The Dodos
Song: Jodi

Other than that, it was a pretty good show. The Brooklyn Masonic Temple was packed to capacity, including the balcony which has excellent views from any spot. This was my first time seeing both acts live. Personally, I feel the Dodos put on a much better performance than The Walkmen. With only three band members they were making more noise than the cast from Stomp with their intricate African-influenced drumming and garbage can hitting that is mixed in with upbeat alternately-tuned guitar strumming. They ran through their set, playing songs mostly from their latest album, Visiter, which includes the songs Fools” and “Red And Purple”.

As for the Walkmen, I was glad to have seen what they’re like live. But to be honest, I get more out of them on record than a live show. What I mean is that, there is nothing that really captivated me when seeing them in person. Though, they played very well and were extremely tight. Their set just seemed to drag on a bit. However, I did like the fact that they had a horn section included in a number of their songs. That definitely helped the performance. Maybe it was the fact that the Dodos built up the energy in the room so much that a bit of it was lost as the show winded down.

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