by dash hamilton

It’s good to see snow falling in Brooklyn when you don’t dwell on the negatives of winter. Shacking up and previewing random music for a few hours can be fun when you’ve got heat and red wine. Here’s a small array of tracks ranging from folk to electric. We’ll kick it off with an old free download off Ratatat’s ’07 mixtape. Here’s more music we didn’t post on (until now) vol. 9.

Artist: Ratatat Remix
Song: Party and Bullshit


A day after announcing his upcoming tour. Deer Tick released a beautiful Paul Simon cover and a message to the faithful: “Happy holidays brothers and sisters. Greetings from Westtown, NY. As you may or may not know, Deer Tick has been really busy the past 6 or 7 months between recording an album, touring relentlessly, and just a few days ago beginning pre-production on an even newer album. We wanted to share with all of you a gem from one of our recent sessions.” For Deer Tick dates roll here.

Artist: Deer Tick
Song: Still Crazy

The D’Ubervilles have already gotten props from My Old Kentucky Blog and the Village Voice. I had skipped over them previously but I really started to enjoy this single. They’ll be touring in March spreading their ’07 debut release: We Are The Hunters.

Artist: The Durbervilles
Song: Hot Tips

Ryan MacGrath brings a heavy Rufus Wainright influence to his music and you can hear it in “Way West” – He recently released a six track EP entitled In My Own Company.

Artist: Ryan MacGrath
Song: Way West


Here are some beats with a human interest story. Diego Bernal is a civil rights attorney in San Antonio and produces jams on the side. I love the energy and the picture it paints in your head as you listen.

Artist: Diego Bernal
Song: Bring It On Home

An interesting release from the folks at Indiecater Records. Hailing from Belfast, Burning Codes released their self titled record on the first of day of ’09. It’s slow, it’s pretty. The vocals take up alot of space but I like it for a sampler.

Artist: Burning Codes
Song: Cloak and Dagger

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