by cheryl santa maria

Matt Haskill is Four Star Daydream, a solo artist who began making music in 2004.  His eclectic sound (described on his Myspace as indie/shoegaze/Pyschadelic) is comprised of Beach Boys whimsy, Talking Heads sense of play and the self-awareness of the Smiths.  Originating in Midland, Ontario Matt moved to Toronto in 2006 in search of musicians who share his “DIY attitude” towards music.  He assembled a mish-mash of musicians and artists (known as the “Messy Bedroom Collective”) interested in promoting and developing indie talent.

Artist: Four Star Daydream
Song: Pretty Nurses


With the help of the collective, Haskill released his Daisychains E.P. All the music was composed, mixed and recorded by Haskill in his east-end studio.  “Center of the Earth” is fun and whimsical, “Insomniac Love Trap” is mature with vintage-inspired riffs and “We’ll All Explode” is a fantastic live recording that demonstrates Haskill’s ability to connect with his audience.

I sat down with Matt over the holidays.  He’s a great guy – animated, expressive, creative, and he takes his music seriously.  We talked about his influences (he’s a big fan of the Beatles) and the way sounds can mature over time.  Matt is excited about the way his music has evolved since his debut in Punk and is always in search of ways to improve and experiment with his craft.

Upcoming shows and updates can be found on his Myspace.  If you’d like to purchase an E.P. (I highly recommend it) email Matt at

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