by foxxy

I often worry that bands are subconsciously influenced by the sounds of successful music around them. I’m sure that hundreds of bands started striving to be MGMT and Vampire Weekend last year, whether they knew it or not. Next will sprout oodles of psychadelic sound bands with ambient vocals ala Caribou and Animal Collective. With so many bands in the world I sometimes wonder if there aren’t enough unique thoughts to go around.

Artist: Filligar
Song: Nightfall


Filligar is a good example of a band that I’d judge with such a disposition. Thankfully they do a little something to differentiate themselves. You know those points in songs where the beat or melody switches in a way you didn’t want or expect it to? Well I feel like that happens when I listen to some Filligar songs but I end up slightly intrigued and continue listening. They recently released a new album entitled Near or Far. It’s a short disc with a few more hits than misses and it definitely takes you on a mini adventure. I can’t guarantee anything beyond a one time listen but check them out.

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