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This was one of those seamless Thursday nights when my happiness matched my alcohol consumption. Despite enjoying a myriad of one-sided relationships, it was the live show at Glasslands that punctuated my evening.  I complimented the hipster girls with cute faces as I drank my hot cider with rum and awaited the She Keeps Bees performance. An intrepid woman swooped through the bar in front of me and grabbed a drink before storming the stage. A minute later “She Keeps” was killing it.

Artist: She Keeps Bees
Song: Stutter


When bands play with raw sound, their vibe can break or seal the deal. Jessica Larrabee basically kicks ass. Her antics between songs were awe inspiring and the music itself was a megaphone of alto-agressive-soul-rock that can only be relished live. She Keeps Bees are the Heartless Bastards of the east coast except that they keep it simple as a two piece, and Larrabee’s personality actually matches their energy.

She Keeps Bees is Jess and Andy who met at a bar in the Slope while Jess was bartending. They started dating and Andy produced her first album until Jess taught him how to play drums and they started jamming together. They continue to play locally as they work with some Euro labels to increase their exposure abroad.

Rounding out the Glasslands show were Sharon Van Etton, Virgin Forest, and Forest Fire. The poster made for the event was fuckin’ beautiful (see below) and I bought one because it looked like a skeletal seahorse.

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