by john cole

I wasn’t even expecting a new release from Bon Iver until For Emma… lost some steam. But it’s really awesome that he put out Blood Bank not too long after his debut release.  All four songs are extremely good, definitely deserving to all be on the A side of this EP.  I noticed Bon Iver experimenting a little bit with their sound, most notably on “Woods,” as he uses pitch bending for his vocal tracks. And in all honesty, he pulls it off seamlessly.

Artist: Bon Iver
Song: Blood Bank


“Blood Bank,” the title track, is one of the best songs they’ve recorded.   The piano-driven “Babys” track is another highlight of Bon Iver’s evolving sound.  For Emma…Forever Ago didn’t have a track similar to this song, and I was pretty surprised that the entire song was led by piano.  Once again, the band presents songs that feel so solitary and heart-wrenching that you can’t help but turn the record back on Side 1 and start all over again. They don’t lose their feel, even after dozens of listens.  The familiar sound is still there, along with new works that make it quite evident that there are many more great things to come from Bon Iver in the future. In every word of every line, there is this understanding; this genuine quality to the lyrics that make me hope the song will last for just a few more minutes longer.

Blood Bank is the most appropriate record to play whether you’re in the middle of the woods in northwestern Wisconsin and is the perfect excuse to not go out on a cold winter night.

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