QC MIXTAPE VOL. 28 (JAN 11 – 17)

by bmac

These are historic times we live in.  The end of a period that lacked rationality and trust, and the beginning of one riddled with hope-dotted question marks.  It all starts this week.  Please join me in wishing everyone in the new administration good luck.  All of you fools on the way out should probably do some reflecting.  Have a good week everyone.

Get em all at once – mixtape 28.zip – or go one by one after the jump…

Artist: Andrew Hurst
Song: Loved One Honey
Artist: DJ Strawberry and J*Star
Song: Cake Mix
Artist: The Shivers
Song: Just Didn’t Need To Know
Artist: The Shivers
Song: New Direction
Artist: Sammy Bananas
Song: Ooh Bop
Artist: Rhymefest ft. Kanye
Song: Brand New
Artist: Four Star Daydream
Song: Pretty Nurses
Artist: My Morning Jacket
Song: Lay Low (Live from Okonokos)
Artist: Filligar
Song: Nightfall
Artist: Antony and the Johnsons
Song: Spiralling
Artist: She Keeps Bees
Song: Stutter
Artist: Mission of Burma
Song: Academy Fight Song
Artist: Mission of Burma
Song: That’s When I Reach for My Revolver
Artist: Caribou
Song: Drumheller

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