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After letting our inbox overpopulate for a week, we finally chipped away at some of the hidden gems amongst the fodder. I must first note that the amount of “D.J.s” remixing popular songs from the likes of Kanye and Animal Collective is completely disturbing. Making a song out of two currently popular songs is not artistic, cool, or unique. It’s cheap, shortsighted, and lame so this post is devoid of such tracks. Instead we got the Suburban Kids comeback, a couple rock jams, and a random rap song. Enjoy More Music (we didn’t post on until now) Vol. 12.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names have had a three year hiatus since their ’05 release: #3. The duo has never been short on producing and song writing talent, their track Rent a Wreck was one of my favorite subway strutting jams back in the day. This new single marks the release of their fourth EP aptly named #4 and due out for release on February 4th. These guys emanate positivity in their tracks.

Artist: SKWBN
Song: 1999


I was attracted to the disjointedness of this track by DD/MM/YYYY. They’re about to tour with the great Don Caballero so they’ve earned my respect. They have a new record coming out on February 14th and will be on the road through the end of March.

Artist: DD/MM/YYYY
Song: Digital Haircut


Here’s another track off B-Reals upcoming album Smoke N Mirrors which hits stores February 24th. It’s nothing magical but the hook is catchy enough and Xzibit makes a guest spot.

Artist: B-Real
Song: Don’t Ya Dare Laugh


Bottle Up & Go played a show with the Young Lords last week in NYC. They have a chill but shambolic style. Spastic drumming carries this single. I checked out some of their other tracks and they definitely got soul.

Artist: Bottle Up & Go
Song: Day I Die

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