by diedra koi

I can profess that this week’s More Music installment is fairly current. We’re keeping it rock again this week with a some folk from Portland and another band I used to love two years ago but forgot about. I’ve got no random words of wisdom for you this week. The product of a sober and tired individual. We’ll kick things off with a 1-minute ditty by Drug Rug. Enjoy More Music (We Didn’t Post On Until Now) Volume 13.

Artist: Drug Rug
Song: Sooner The Better


Laura Gibson is right up my female singer/songwriter alley. Unsurprisingly, she comes from the Portland collective of folk artists which includes Rachel Blumberg and Loch Lomand, both of whom I learned about through Jolie Holland who hangs out in those parts. Her vocals are incredibly clean and the songs are sweet but intelligent. Her album Beasts Of Seasons comes out on February 24th on Hush Records.

Artist: Laura Gibson
Song: Spirited


Remember the 1900s? Not the century but the indie rock band with the killer single “Bring the Good Boys Home.” Well they released a mini-album/EP at the end of January and they’re currently recording a follow-up to their ’07 full length album: Cold & Kind. But in the meantime, front man Edward Anderson has also created a side project called Mazes which is set to release its first album March 17th. Below you can check out the single, along with a track from that aforementioned 1900′s EP which is titled Medium High. Both discs are out on Parasol Records.

Artist: Mazes
Song: i have laid in the darkness of doubt
Artist: 1900s
Song: Age of Metals


Midnight Masses is made up of past and present members of Dragons of Zynth, Rogers Sisters, Shock Cinema and Santogold. This track features a gospel choir-type backing vocal and some pleading lyrics. The band plays in Brooklyn on February 27th @ the MHOW.

Artist: Midnight Masses
Song: Heaven

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