by freebie mcdeebie

Do you like free shit?  Because we enjoy giving stuff away.  You do?  Nice!  We should hang out.  Behold first installment of a new weekly feature called QC Giveaway.  Here’s the gist – we have a silly contest each week where the winner gets free tickets to something awesome, typically in the NYC metro area.

This week’s giveaway is two tickets for the Miniature Tigers show @ Mercury Lounge this Sunday (Feb 15th). Originally from Phoenix, the Tigers cook up a fresh batch of alt. rock, indie jams complete with smart and catchy vocals. Guitarist Darren Robinson of Phantom Planet will be touring with the band through March.

The Contest: If you could shrink down any animal and have a cool miniature pet to carry around in your pocket, what would you choose and why?  Drop your answers in the comments below and we’ll choose the best one Saturday at noon.  We’ll leave two tickets for the winner at the door, courtesy of Tell All Your Friends publicity.  Good luck!

Artist: Miniature Tigers
Song: Last Night’s Fake Blood

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