by kevin diamond

Hype Filter is back, second week in a row. Maybe this is gonna be on the regular tip. This weeks selection of songs are slightly more schizophrenic, which is probably a reflection of my mind set. It’s strange the changes you experience as you slowly morph from a pot head to a drunk. I’m squarely a drunk now, and my musical tastes have begun reflecting that. Less spaced out jams, more bone crushing loudness. Life’s all about phases, right? Let’s delve into what’s been popping up on the Hype Machine lately, throw it against the wall and see what sticks.

Artist: tUnE-YaRdS
Song: Sunlight

If you don’t love this song by tUnE-YaRdS, then I don’t know if we can be friends anymore. One-woman band, with the voice of an angel, fucking destroys you with this bass-heavy beat while promising to be the sunshine in my eyes. Yeah, she’s talking specifically about my eyes, not yours. Her album, BiRdBrAiNs is Pay-What-You-Can until March 10th, so hurry up.

Grab all the hype at once – hype filter 2.zip – or check each jam out individually after the jump..

I used to own an alarm clock with a CD player built in. If I still had it, and if I still used an alarm clock at all, I would put this track on a CD and wake up to it. Black Ladies myspace claims “Firm Riffs” and it don’t lie. Simple, guitar and drums, but when the beat starts grooving, you start to fall in love. And then you start to smash things. Fun!

Artist: Black Ladies
Song: The Real Jurassic Park

You can relax for a sec, I took it down a notch. Here We Go Magic are blowing up for good reason. This hypnotic and beautiful song is a perfect example of their folk-flavored pop: Lots of delay, pretty, simple vocals, horse-trot rhythm that never stops. There’s an obvious Animal Collective reaction, but this kind of psychedelic folk existed before them and it’ll exist after them too. Looking forward to seeing them March 3rd at le poisson rouge.

Artist: Here We Go Magic
Song: Tunnelvision

I like how the lead singer of Cymbals Eat Guitars sounds like he’s trying to fit as many syllables into this song as possible, like he hasn’t got enough time to say everything he needs to say. The tune has a great structure, nice orchestration and arrangement, cool multi-tracked vocals and what can I say, I’m a sucker for pop music. Next!

Artist: Cymbals Eat Guitars
Song: Wind Phoenix

Call out the guest spots: Sarena-Mareesh, Sujan Stevens, Danielson. I Was A King has more than enough help to get a bit of blog time. Thing is, this song really deserves it. The piano intro is so plaintive and simple, that you’re taken aback by the sudden, almost Flaming Lips-ish song it leads into. The acoustic guitar and beefy beat are a staple of songs like this, and it’s used to great effect. Oh, they’re Norwegian, which is cool, right?

Artist: I Was A King
Song: Its All You

This track starts dark and stormy but opens up a bit on the chorus. Smell regulars Abe Vigoda just released their new EP Reviver and by the sound of this track, it actually seems a bit more accessible then their last album, Skeleton, which was encased in a deep fog of reverb. I like this band more with each release, so I’m look forward to delving into this EP properly soon.

Artist: Abe Vigoda
Song: Dont Lie

The double letters phenom isn’t over yet, and here’s Lovvers to prove it. Ramshackle and energetic, this song, like any good punk song, demands to be heard live. their other tracks on their myspace don’t reveal much more than this. They’re fast, distorted, and fun.

Artist: Lovvers
Song: Talk Cheap

I think this song is the Coup De Grace of this mix. Took me a while to warm up to it, but, at over 6 minutes, you’ve got plenty of time. Love how the bass is all the way over in the right channel. I love the sloppy high hat in the intro, and the “I Want Candy” toms that kick in after a minute or so. I love the squirmy, wiry guitars. And when the vocals kick in, I’m toast. “It’s 2008!” Daniel Martin-McCormick (of Black Eyes) yells in the middle. It’s not anymore, but I appreciate the sentiment. Might not be everyone’s bag, but damn – fun shit. I missed a chance to see Mi Ami at Glasslands about a week ago, and now I’m kicking myself. They’ll be back, playing Silent Barn on March 12th, and I’ll be there with bells on.

Artist: Mi Ami
Song: New Guitar

This cover of Grinding Halt by The Cure is great. The first thing I wrote for QC was a review of The Muslims playing in my basement. Now The Muslims are The Soft Pack. This track is from the Cure Tribute album Perfect As Cats that came out last fall. I just like it, so I put it here at the end of this mix. Enjoy. They’re playing The Bowery at the end of March.

Artist: The Soft Pack
Song: Grinding Halt (Cure Cover)


If this doesn’t make you go see The Soft Pack, I don’t know what will:

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