by vin diamo

Derek Miller was once a member of hardcore/emo band Poison The Well. I know nothing about that scene so I’ll stop there before I embarrass myself. Except to say this: PTW is really well known in those circles, and Derrik was a pretty integral part of that groups success in the early years, so it’s safe to say the music that comes out of his partnership with Alexis Krauss is a departure.

But times change, right? Now Derek lives in Brooklyn, and the music he does as Sleigh Bells couldn’t be more different. Fans of The Blow, or Santigold, or MIA, or the hip hop beats made famous by Lil Wayne and T.I. will all find something to like in these songs. They’re simple and fun, repetitive and groovy, with backbone and vigor. You can get their EP 2HELLWU for free here. Or check out the song below.

Artist: Sleigh Bells
Song: Ring Ring

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