by kevin diamond

On the Twitter last week, I was lementing how long it had been since Tom Vek‘s steller We Have Sound came out (in 2005. In today’s music scene, that’s a dog’s age). Which sent me to his website. Where I was met with the message that’s been on the front page for at least 2 years: “Tom Vek is still working on the followup to 2005′s We Have Sound.” Bummer.

And then I clicked on the Forum button. I don’t know what drove me to do it. I didn’t think anybody still used Forums in today’s day and age, they seem so 90′s, like Chat Rooms and Yahoo. And posted on the Tom Vek official forum is a link to a B-side album compilated by his fans. I downloaded it, and delved in.

Artist: Tom Vek
Song: Summer Fall


The last 6 tracks are all remixes, the last three all of the same song. I’m not a huge fan of remixes in general, unless we’re talking about Ratatat or R. Kelly’s “Ignition (remix).” And these remixes are pretty much innessential. But the first 8 tracks, all original compositions by our man Tom, serve as a welcome treat to hold us over while we wait for a proper album two. Standouts include hip hop flavored “Summer Fall” and “One Horse Race”, propelled by Clash-esque guitar.

Download the album here

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