by john (pic by annie powers)

Friday was quite the night. The first show of two that I attended was And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead along with The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. The Pains… played a fun half-hour set, most songs coming off their debut LP, along with an awesome B-side to the “Everything With You” single.  Their sound is a good mix of shoegaze, indie pop and twee-pop, thinking of bands such as, My Bloody Valentine, The Ropers, and Velocity Girl. It was pretty evident that they seemed a bit nervous, Music Hall Of W’burg probably being one of the biggest shows they’ve played so far. Nonetheless, their sound was loud, fun, and the crowd was really into their entire set.  The Pains… are definitely a band to keep a close eye and ear to. The much enjoyable Slumberland Records put out their first LP and you can buy it at their site.

Artist: And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Song: And the Rest Will Follow

I have never witnessed a …Trail Of Dead show before. I’ve heard things that they used to smash most of their equipment. Even though, that didn’t happen on this night, it wasn’t even necessary. From start to finish, the audience was in 4th gear, never slowing down or taking a break from dancing and jumping and screaming.  As for the band, they were relentless, taking very little time between songs, at times going from one six-minute song after another.  And I must say, the one thing I’ve always loved about this band is having two drummers in a bunch of their songs.  It was like hearing a jackhammer and thunder for an hour, but enjoying it.  The setlist consisted of a few new songs off their latest album, “The Century Of Self”, “World’s Apart,” and my favorite, “Madonna.” What was even better was the fact that they played two extra songs instead of doing the whole walking-off-for-an-encore thing. I’m not bashing this New York City tradition, but I was happy to see them just go into two more songs without breaking.  At the end of the show, the audience and band were completely defeated by the sweat, the ringing of the ears, and the shouting that went on for over an hour straight.  As for me, I was already in drunk stage number three, and it was off to another show at Death By Audio.

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