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Wow it’s been a while since we had a More Music installment. But my inbox cracked the century mark last night and I finally got pissed. Here are some audio highlights (and a few mediumlights) from the last two weeks of music pressers. The list features a bevvy of male vocals so before we embrace all that testosterone, here’s a track from Icelandic singer/songwriter Lay Low who recently signed to Nettwerk Music Group.

Artist: Lay Low
Song: Last Time Around

Say Hi is another artist gaining steam. Based in Seattle and signed to Barsuk, Say Hi is making waves with his March 3rd release of Oohs & Aahs. It made its way from Stereogum to AOL so beware but he’s a good producer and this song is catchy as Fek.

Artist: Say Hi
Song: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

The Record Machine
is a small label but they sign some very talented musicians. Perhapsy is next on the list with his fluid and flawless guitar. His name comes from an E.E. Cummings poems and his sound comes close to being a fair representation. This song is RM’s track of the month and was previously unreleased.

Artist: Perhapsy
Song: Cadence


Coltrane Motion is from Chicago but plays Public Assembly in Brooklyn tonight. They may be another “electric noise pop duo” but they’re fierce and well named. This is the title track off their upcoming 7″ single called The Year Without A Summer and I like it. The Strokes comparisons are pretty inescapable but their twirling beats help to differentiate.

Artist: Coltrane Motion
Song: The Year Without a Summer

Japanese Motors are living the dream right now touring with Modest Mouse. They play Terminal 5 on Sunday night and are gaining popularity by the moment. Their Perception Of Reality EP is out now on Vice Records where you can buy it for $1.50. They gave out “Spendin’ Days” as a free download and it’s pretty awesome.

Artist: Japanese Motors
Song: Spendin’ Days (Acoustic)

Here’s a track called “Hearts” from Juliette Commagere, whose album came out yesterday. I dig the electric mix and subtle climaxes. Overall the record comes off as mainstream pop. The lyrics are too simple and the beats run generic.

Artist: Juliette Commagere
Song: Hearts

For Sydney based Angus & Julia Stone I’m going to feature their music video for the track “Mango Tree,” which the duo directed while Richard Cullen animated/edited..  Julia’s voice reverberates and sounds like Bianca Cassidy’s at times, which draws me in and freaks me out a little. But Angus’ lead vocals are a good counter and together they make pretty music. They kick off a West Coast tour tomorrow and their album A Book Like This came out on March 3rd. You can buy it here.


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