by devin q

In between spurts of pretending to be working, I recently came across the collective works of an up and coming internet music phenom – Ronald Jenkees. Why isn’t the world paying more attention to this guy? His stuff has such a unique sound to it that it’ll make even the most staunch music critic think twice. He’s managed to take basic cuts, some samples, and his own amazing keyboard skills and layer them into an energetic but almost other-worldly harmony.

You may have some concerns about the future such as, “What will people listen to while their ship bumps through space?”, or “What will my cyborg think about while it’s taking out the trash?” Well I don’t have the answers to those brain busters yet friends, but I’d say a safe bet is Ronald Jenkees.

Jenkees comes off as a pretty chill guy. He’s self-admittedly goofy, but what he lacks in “normality” he makes up for in originality, for sure. As with plenty of new artists, most of his early success can be attributed to social media, like YouTube and Digg. But Jenkees is making moves. Bill Simmons (“The Sports Guy”) of ESPN has picked up a Jenkees beat to use as his podcast theme song. Jenkees already has one self-titled album in-market, and we can expect numero dos sometime this summer. I suspect that any questions about his talent, style, and creative prowess will be further put to rest once this bad boy drops. So check out the below video, take it all in, and once you snap back to reality, pay more attention to Ronald Jenkees. You’ll thank me later.

Pick up his first album – Ronald Jenkees

“messin with a guitar sound” by Ronald Jenkees
(I wish I could “mess” with anything and have it sound this badass)

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