by neil & pelly

As we brainstormed potential St. Patrick’s Day posts we learned that St. Patrick was actually captured by Irish raiders when he was sixteen and forced into slavery. (Yet he’s the patron saint of Ireland?) We then moved on to look for the hippest Irish band we could find. Search results brought up Enya, The Cranberries, U2, Sinned O’Connor, and The Corrs. That brought up memories of my best friend’s mom when I was six, and the CDs she probably had in her white & wood paneled mini van.  So we ditched the idea, chilled with one of our poll choices and made a list of our favorite green things in honor of St. Pat.  Agree with us or add your own. We’ll leave you with a couple green tracks from Tom Vek and Animal Collective.

What's your favorite green thing?
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Artist: Animal Collective
Song: For Reverend Green
Artist: Tom Vek
Song: Nothing But Green Lights

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