by rollie

Cell phones are obviously “great” for information reasons, etc, etc. But I’m still pretty convinced they make everyone dumber. Cell phone monogamists that sit around texting aimlessly are usually a drag on the planet. Today we salute their random texts in the QC Text Collection. Our future is now and we sound like morons, so here’s St. Vincent covering “These Days” by Nico. Check out the random texts we’ve received after the track and leave your own in the comments if you got something.

Artist: St. Vincent
Song: These Days

The opening text of an interaction I witnessed:

“Hi baby there is a serious problem I am 3 weeks pregnant, I am so confused. To return to work I must do my medical and because of this I won’t be able to do so. Please as soon as you  get this message text or call me ok..”

The response:

“Who is this?”

From an enigmatic pot head friend:

“Do us a solid u will nottttttt forget: get us 2 lemons, 2 green apples, an orange and red wine. Is that possible? U will be happy I promise”

To a roommate:

“k.. about to bang in the living room so no pop ins..”

From a dudebro:

“Anyone need a fade? I’m heading to the shop in my car.”

From a cynical Boston theorist:

“Boston flirts with dingos and snorts coke with monopoly money”


“Boston thinks that phil collins is a musical genius and reading glasses are for jump rope”

*** If you’ve got some more crazy texts, throw them in comments! We’re bored and want to read them.

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