by kevin diamond

So after my post on Darlings last week, I got this e-mail:

This is Joe, I play bass in Darlings (the one whose house burnt down). I run a record label with my roommate, and we just put out our first release. It’s from a guy from Arlington, VA who goes by Rifle Recoil…  We pressed 1000 copies of his album, but only about 200 are still in existence after the fire. It’s up on iTunes, and we’ll be re-pressing more copies of the CD soon.

As someone who’s had their apartment burn down (it sucks) I felt an instant kinship, and took a quick listen to the songs included.  I was blown away.

Artist: Rifle Recoil
Song: Bad Girl

The songs are built on repeating melodies and phrases, looped guitars and beatbox, atmospherics and soaring falsettos. The repetitive, hypnotic nature of these songs is like a soothing balm to the psyche, calming and fresh. This is instantly catchy and infectious music, enough to make you yearn even harder for summer days and tall glasses of lemonade.

Rifle Recoil is one guy (Jeff) based out of Arlington, Virginia, though you’d assume from the tunes he’d be from southern California. He’s playing a few shows in Virginia now, but hopefully he’ll be coming through Brooklyn real soon. Buy the album and listen to more tracks here.

Artist: Rifle Recoil
Song: Lonely Sailor

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