by natalie (pics by andrew droz palermo & elizabeth weinberg)

After a long tour, we’re sure Harlem Shakes felt good to be back home in Brooklyn, NY for their album release party. Technicolor Health, their debut album which featured ten new songs, was released this past Tuesday.

Artist: Harlem Shakes
Song: Strictly Game

The packed venue at Music Hall of Williamsburg didn’t get their feet jumping until “Strictly Game”, their first single off the album. What seemed like a slow start to the night finally picked up. They brought their A-game with an entourage of two back-up saxophonists, a wicked keyboardist, two guitarists, a drummer, and percussion playing lead singer. There was even a hippie chick back-up singer wailing a tambourine in all her youthful glory. The crowd wasn’t at all objectionable as people were enjoying an extraordinary percussion solo that was fast, unstoppable, and intense.

“Sunlight,” brought in a great guitar rift that got the crowd pumping.  But the feel good song of the night was, “Old Flames”, which had more tambourine and cowbell! The entire band was grooving and vibing off of each other it almost made me a little jealous I wasn’t up there myself. For reference sake, here’s a vid of them performing it in Atlanta.

They soon walked off and came back for the encore piece, but a much needed one indeed to cool the crowd off. The last set was the album title, Technicolor Health, which, as expected, was a good mellow pick. All-in-all a decent show, no broken bones, but what do you expect on a rainy weekday night. Just good times.

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