by not phil (aka chris carpenter)

Mash ups are like Thai Restaurants in Brooklyn, there are far too many of them, but every once and a while they’re clean enough and don’t make you sick (like Noodle Studio on North 5th… fuck Sea).  While this Mash up isn’t the dopest pad see ew you’ve ever consumed, it’s not the worst thing to hit the airwaves.  Any Jack White/Mos Def collab beats the overplayed Kanye West/Animal Collective bullshit mash ups that infuriate the Brooklyn masses. This track comes to us straight from Adrian Champion off his current Stars and Stripes Project, which he’s made available for free download here. I was in a Mos mood after seeing him drop knowledge on Bill Maher last Friday. Throw that in the blender with a Jack White melody, and the result is a Neapolitan shake that tastes best at 4 AM when you’re bmac’d.  Listen up and be moderately pleased.

Artist: White Stripes / Mos Def
Song: Ms. Doorbell

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