by neil roberts

[Editor's note: After some consistent feedback we've decided to preview the shows of the week for your reading pleasure. No longer can you say "I wish I would've known about that!" because we've got our QC show recommendations lined up like fourth graders at a water fountain.]

Live Guide with Neil (week of April 1-7) is brought to you by Dan Deacon’s Bromst, so you’ll have to excuse my spokesmanship. It’s an album that awakened senses I didn’t even know I had. Sound is what it is after all. Dan Deacon Knows that, and heĀ  knows how to fuck with it, with a huge circuit bent smile on his face. My first Dan Deacon show was like losing a completely new virginity. This guy knows something from beyond. Bromst is a true soundsterpiece and an unparalleled cacophony.

Artist: Dan Deacon
Song: Get Older

Is it me or does Dan Deacon seem a little more computer than I am. Ahhhh A moment in music that breathes birth breath. Bromst fell upon me at the right time. This album got me to do something. And In this time of Aries, all the horoscopes are saying to go ahead with all that potent explosive energy you’ve been storing up. Don’t try and calm it down yet. You’ve got the rest of your life to watch what you did, so NOW DO! Get it out, whatever you can, whichever way you know how, and create the exact thing you keep telling yourself you can’t! Because you have no excuse. Everything you know is going to be a lot different in 2012.

Sometimes when you’re scared, the best thing that can happen is a lil push out the airplane. Here are some shows that will push you forward, towards the following week.

4/1: April Fools! Write your own song about foolishness and perform it on a street corner wearing a hat cocked to one side. Either way it’s not a show night, its a night to let the consciousness do it’s own running around.

4/2: Dan Deacon, Teeth Mountain, Future Islands, Miracles of Modern Science @ NYU Kimmel Center
Run Run as fast as you can and make it out to any Dan Deacon Show you possibly fucking can!

4/4: Ra Ra Riot, Cut off your Hands, Jon Moses @ Webster Hall
A sure fire way to a great show with some spectacular openers worth checking out.

4/5: The Spinto Band, The Rural Alberta Advantage @ The Bell House
Go out to the Bell House just cause it’s an amazing venue, and then get your Pop pickles tickled while you’re at it.

4/7: Here We Go Magic, The Antlers @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
One of the best Albums of the year, does it translate live? You tell us! Trust me and get there early, The Antlers will be a beautiful melancholy appetizer.

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