by kevin diamond

Music is a balm. Or is it a bomb? Does it sooth your soul or explode your senses? Perhaps both? We have shows for those of both persuasions in this week’s Live Guide, which is brought to you by Matmos, who are playing the Kitchen on the 10th and 11th with the Princeton Laptop Orchestra and So Percussion. Go ahead and indulge. Heck, overindulge. The other great thing about music is it ain’t got no calories.

Artist: Matmos
Song: Rainbow Flag

4/8: Bob Mould @ Joe’s Pub
He’s a god-damned rock legend. Plus he wrote the song that’s the theme to The Daily Show. Husker-Du yourself a favor and grab a ticket to this one.

4/9: The Books @ Miller Theatre
The Books created a mini masterpiece with The Lemon of Pink: Samples and soundscapes and mood and atmosphere. This is part of the phenomenal Wordless Music series and will involve mostly piano and cello. It’s a once in a lifetime show.

4/10: The Wrens @ Bell House
One of the greatest indie rock bands of the last ten years haven’t released an album since 2002′s near-perfect Meadowlands. They’ve begun touring again, and rumor has it a new album is on the way.

Artist: The Wrens
Song: Marked Up

4/11: Black Dice @ Market Hotel
Noise and energy on a Saturday night. Dirty loft in Bed Stuy. PBR Tall Boys you snuck in under your jacket. Waking up next to someone with more lip rings than pieces of furniture. Have fun and make smart decisions.

4/12: Kyp Malone / Pure Horsehair @ Glasslands
You love Kyp Malone no matter what he does. And Pure Horsehair will be a chill opener for a relaxing Sunday night in the best art gallery/bar/performance space in Brooklyn.

4/13 and 4/14: Neko Case @ Nokia Theatre
It’s a bullshit mainstream theatre in Times Square, but Neko Case’s voice is gorgeous and worth it. And what else are you doing on a Monday/Tuesday night?

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