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Here’s a weekend edition of More Music, where we grab some interesting tracks from the last week and half of pressers. We’ve got a slew of dance pop and indie rock MP3s in this installment to keep your Friday light. To kick us off, here’s a track from Fun courtesy of the Nettwerk label. Fun has gained considerable buzz over the past year and includes past members of Format, Anathallo, and Steel Train. They’ll be touring with Manchester Orchestra through June.  Enjoy More Music (we didn’t post on until now) after the jump…

Artist: Fun
Song: At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used to Be)

The 1990s: These gents hail from Glasgow, and after an tour in the UK, they will be performing here at the Mercury Lounge on May 28th, and Southpaw on May 30th. With whimsical lyrics and vocals, matching the flavorful beats, The 1990s are witty, without being pretentious.

Artist: 1990s
Song: The Box

Jeff Lewis Band: Check out the song called “W’Burg Will Oldham Horror.” The guys will be in NYC May 20th at Bowery Ballroom and they bring some good ole’ folk and rock, with the slightest hint of Moldy Peaches.

The Veils: Sun Gangs is out now, and especially wonderful are the epic “Sit Down By the Fire,” and ragingly melancholic “The Letter.” They have a long tour all over Europe, the dates of which are on their myspace, so if you’re in the area, check them out.

Artist: The Veils
Song: Sit Down by the Fire

K-os: Presently taking a tour through the biggest cities in Canada, expect him to make his way to the United States very soon, this guy has some mean beats, and his name is pronounced like “chaos.” Rad.

Artist: k os
Song: I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman

Great Northern: These guys start off their May tour with The Dears right here in NYC at the Bell House on May 1st and the Bowery Ballroom on May 4th. The lead singer has a voice like Amy Lee from Evanescence, but puts it to better use, softening the vocals and creating a symphonic contrast between the guitar hero riffs and herself.

Artist: Great Northern
Song: Houses

Ebony Bones: Chosen as one of the favorite acts at SXSW, she combines disco, dance and punk, all while dressed in head-to-toe, day-glo garb, looking like a walking Raggedy Anne rave of 1. Imagine Diana Ross covered in fabric glo-sticks, singing on speed. Her album is coming out soon, but in the meantime, check out the new single “The Muzik.” Ebony Jones folks, she encompasses fun.

James Yuill – Turning Down Water for Air

A mix of folk and electronica? This dude is another great UK import, try it on for size. The album hits North America on May 26th, and you can get the single “No Pins Allowed” on iTunes now. It’s quite bloody fantastic.

Artist: James Yuill
Song: No Pins Allowed

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