by ND McCray

I have to get to Amsterdam, and soon! The Dutch are killing it right now in terms of electronic music. I just copped my latest obsession - Great Lengths (3024) by Holland’s-own-electro DJ Martyn (aka Martijn Deykers).

Artist: Martyn
Song: Yet

The album is many things: dubby-house, dubstep and funky techno – simply, good music. But don’t call Martyn a dubstep producer, though his music has that influence, it’s drenched in so many other components such as Chicago house and Detroit techno, that it’s truly hard to define.

Though primarily known as a drum and bass producer, Martyn is changing it up a bit (in more ways than his music), even recently, relocating to the outskirts of Washington, D.C. to create his blend. “Martyn’s music” (how he describes his hodgepodge of sounds) is unique, to say the least. Pulling inspiration from everyone from Marvin Gaye, Roy Ayers and Prince, to Slum Village, 4Hero and Vikter Duplaix, Great Lengths showcases his eclectic taste in music. It’s an assorted mix-of-an-album, which makes it easy-game for chill nights at home or a swanky bar. Electro-beats, low-brow instrumentals and grimy spins made me love “Seventy-Four”, “Vancouver” (which was released last year); the ultra-dubby “Little Things” and the slamming intro-track “The Only Choice”.

Even so, for those of us who still indulge in wax, vinyl copies are available. With only seven of the 14 tracks, it’s still a lovely mix.

CD version:
1. The Only Choice
2. Krdl-t-grv
3. Right? Star!
4. Seventy-Four
5. Little Things
6. Vancouver
7. These Words (Feat. dBridge)
8. Bridge
9. Elden St.
10. Far Away
11. Hear Me
12. Is This Insanity? (Feat. Spaceape)
13. Brilliant Orange

Vinyl version:
1. Right? Star!
2. Seventy-Four
3. These Words (Feat. dBridge)
4. Far Away
5. Elden St.
6. Hear Me
7. Is This Insanity? (Feat. Spaceape)

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