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We have a great variety of new albums and incredible bands for y’all this time around. From Boston, to Oklahoma, these bands all explore something great about mixing the modern with the tried-and-true. Look out for each and every one of these in your local music stores or online. Get to know them, learn them, love them. Anya Marina kicks us off with a track from her January release Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase 2 .via Chop Shop Records. Without further adieu here’s More Music Volume 18.

Artist: Anya Marina
Song: Move You

Hands and KneesEt Tu, Fluffy?

This quartet lives in western Massachusetts but comes straight from the Boston indie scene, which, because of the sheer number of students and young people, is thriving. The music is quirky, poppy, and catchy, with hints of some country thrown in, but so sneakily that you must take a second to say, “Wait, is that…?”. They played two shows in NYC last week, and they have a new album out called Et, tu Fluffy?, which I have been having a love affair with. Expect that they will be back soon.

Artist: Hands and Knees
Song: You Got Pop, You Got Style

Starlight MintsChange Remains

For all the albums and quality music these guys have put out, they sure aren’t known well enough. They’re based in (of all places) Norman, Oklahoma and are on Barsuk records, alongside the likes of Death Cab, and John Vanderslice. They consistently put out amazing records and are on every playlist on my ipod. The news of their newest album release just came a few days ago: Change Remains will be released digitally June 9th and physically July 21st. I might be more excited than I’ve ever been.

Artist: Starlight Mints
Song: Zoomba

Miniature Tigers“Cannibal Queen” Video

QC originally wrote about this track in a More Music last December but this is one of my favorite new albums this year, with its horrific sounding song titles, to the bubbly-indie lyrics and melodies. The songs are all clean and simple, with the same odd quality sound that has been coming out of Phoenix lately. You can sing along, jam in silence, or pretty much anything to this album. June 7th these guys will be at the Music Hall of Williamsburg with Kevin Devine, at the tail end of a tour all over the country. Seeing them will probably be one of the better ideas you have.

Halston“From Here to Here” (single) – Album to Follow

In the small township of Brighton, Massachusetts lurks a band consisting of two brothers. Dando and Carlos create tunes that are awkward in their creativity and danceable without being irritating. Their newest single, “From Here to Here” came out May 11th, and it’s got some disco, some funk, and some soul to it (but mostly lots of fun disco). The songs get under your skin, and to top it off, the band is friendly as hell.

Artist: Halston
Song: From Here to Here

The Devil Makes ThreeDo Wrong Right

Anyone who doesn’t like bluegrass, or at least appreciate it, can’t really call themselves a music fan. Though rock ‘n’ roll has taken over contemporary popular culture, the beginnings of American music are still around and doing just fine. The new album, Do Wrong Right came out April 21st and the title single made its way to #1 on the Billboard bluegrass charts. I’m already partial to anything with banjos, and this is actually quality. Go back to the roots folks.

Artist: The Devil Makes Three
Song: Do Wrong Right


A group of eight, Photons reminds me of every campfire song, set to good music and lyrics and sang by a bunch of happy friends. Perhaps its the large group dynamic, but be that as it may, they are an enjoyable time. With the employment of many different instruments, influences like lullabies and fairytales, they are just a fun time. Around only for a short while, they have quickly gained a following and are already on their second EP. Glory! is in pre-release now through Insound, and out everywhere June 23rd.

Artist: Photons
Song: Where Were You Last Night

Menomena“Evil Bee” Video

Menomena is another wonderful band from Barsuk records, and I happened across this new video of theirs and fell in love with it. My jaw dropped and I think I even cried a little. There is not much more to say about it except, wow.

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