by hank

It’s extremely difficult for ANY band to stay relevant for 20 years. The musical landscape is just so damn dynamic.  Eventually everyone is presented with the same critical choice:  Do you change your style and test the loyalty of your fanbase?  Or do you stick to your guns and run the risk of being written off as an archaic sound?  It’s a fine line to walk, but The Prodigy take that line, spit on it, wipe their ass and keep on rockin.  Their fifth studio album, Invaders Must Die, is the perfect balance of the old and the new, and I’m pumped as hell to see these guys Tuesday night at the Electric Factory.

This week the UK trio will make their way up the east coast – from DC to Philly to Boston – and then will hang a hard left and head west.  As I said QC will be on hand for the Philly show Tuesday night at the Electric Factory, so be sure to check back for pics and details as the high energy/small venue combination is almost guaranteed to make for a crazy one.  Click here for a list of tour dates/tickets.

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