by marissa bea

Alrighty folks, seeing as this site is dedicated to music AND art, I think it is only fitting that we have a More Art section to coincide with the More Music section that has become a nice staple in our lives. So, every week, we’re going to not only give you tidbits of music you should be listening to, but also some visuals – old artists, new artists, photos, paintings; just about anything that comes to mind during the course of a week. Unlike the More Music posts, this will be much more theme based. I wanted to make a somewhat smooth transition between the music and art, so what better way than to start off with some fabulous cover art; I’m not even going to tell you anything about it, you’ll just have to take a look. By no means does this exhaust the list of awesome album covers that exist, but it’s a pretty sweet start. These are in no particular order, so for this week, enjoy the 10 Coolest Album Covers That Aren’t On Any Other Lists (That I Know Of).

Artist: Of Montreal
Song: Gallery Piece

– Mama, I’m Swollen (2009)

– Kimono My House (1974)

Cotton Jones
– Paranoid Cocoon (2009)

– The Antidote (2005)

Mos Def
– The New Danger (2004)

Gotan Project
– La Revancha del Tango (2001)

Man Man
– Rabbit Habits (2008)

Supreme Beings of Leisure
– Supreme Beings of Leisure (2000)

Tom Waits
– Rain Dogs (1985)

Reuben’s Accomplice
– I Blame the Scenery (2001)

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